What is DIABILIC CTR RANKER and how does it work?

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER will do all the work for you!

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER is the best CTR MANIPULATION software on the market that works by sending virtual users to your website or to your GMB tab. It is done automatically, without human intervention or any complicated configuration process: you enter the URL of your site. the keyword and tell it what activity to perform.

What makes this bot unique from other similar programs is its ability to increase your CTR. It does this by creating a “bounce” effect, where users are redirected elsewhere after clicking through to your site, making it more likely that Google’s search engine bots will see that recurring activity from real users and rank you higher!



Increase Your CTR, Traffic, Impressions And Many More Actions.

It is the best CTR manipulation software to increase website traffic and your GMB listing.

Nowadays one of the most important factors in ranking is the manipulation of CTR.

That’s why the DIABOLIK CTR RANKER exists!

Pushing organic techniques is great, but it may not be enough.

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER is a software that helps you to attract visitors to your site using a keyword forcing system in Serps.

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER is the best way to increase your CTR on your GMB listing or website and tell Google that thousands of users are looking for you, thus forcing your Ranking.

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER is an automated programme that will make it easier for Google search engine bots to find you and rank you higher in searches.


That’s easy! All you need to do is to enter the URL of your website, and it will DIABOLIK CTR RANKER it will automatically generate traffic for as long as you want. You can set it to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making sure Google always finds you when users search for relevant keywords!

What are some of the basic features of DIABOLIK CTR RANKER ?

There are many reasons why you should invest in the Traffic Assistant, but here is just a shortlist:

No technical knowledge is required to set up and use, saving you time!

Boost your traffic with CTR. This will greatly increase your SEO rankings by sending signals that show Google’s bots that you are relevant!

Generate traffic for as long as you want, ensuring that Google will always find your site when users search for related keywords.

Create unlimited traffic generation campaigns Create campaigns for your projects and keywords for traffic generation, which helps you boost your manual work and allows you to run more projects over and over again to get traffic to your website.

DIABOLIK CTR RANKER features in detail

Boost Search Engine CTR

Increase CTR for ANY keyword and increase rankings in any search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and GMB Rankings.

Increase page views and time

Lower bounce rate by increasing page views, pages per visitor, time on site, dwell time and length of visit.

Download statistics and backlinks

Download backlinks, statistics, metrics and collect MOZ metrics of given URLs. These are BONUS features as a utility.

Works like a human

Set random delays, smart proxy support, uses Firefox and Chrome browsers with random user agents and extensions

Mobile or desktop traffic

Send user engagement signals from desktop and mobile devices by using SMART techniques in browser requests.

Display and page settings

Use random screen resolutions, Navigate to navigate internal pages, Retry links if a link has not been clicked.

Schedule your campaigns

You can create campaigns and then set the time according to the instructions to run and many more modules.


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