Discord’s Financial Evolution

In recent years, Discord has explored various avenues to generate revenue, from its subscription-based Nitro model to the sale of virtual goods and even forays into NFTs. Despite these efforts, the platform has now announced plans to integrate advertisements, signaling a strategic shift in its revenue model.

Discord Nitro revenue stream seems to have staggered in recent years. (Source: Statista)

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Discord users can expect to see advertisements appearing on the platform in the near future. These ads will be tailored to the gaming community, with rewards offered for streaming specific games and completing in-game tasks. While Discord has assured users that they can disable ads in their settings, it remains unclear whether this feature will be universally accessible or restricted to paid subscribers.

Community Response and Concerns

The introduction of ads on Discord has sparked concerns among users about the platform’s direction and its impact on user experience. Given Discord’s history of resisting ads and prioritizing user privacy, the decision to incorporate advertisements raises questions about the platform’s commitment to its core principles.

Discord shared this image in March as an example of the new type of ads. (Source: Discord)

Discord’s approach to ads, dubbed “Sponsored Quests,” appears less intrusive compared to traditional ad formats seen on other social media platforms. Users will have the option to opt out of personalized promotions, but the extent of control over ad settings remains uncertain. As Discord ventures into uncharted territory, striking a balance between monetization and user satisfaction will be crucial.

The April Fool’s tease from Discord also made fun of the monetization aspect of modern games via loot boxes.

Future For The Platform

As Discord prepares to roll out advertisements, the platform faces a delicate balancing act between monetization and user experience. The success of Sponsored Quests will hinge on their acceptance within the gaming community and the platform’s ability to address user concerns about privacy and intrusiveness. With the gaming industry rapidly evolving, Discord’s foray into advertising marks a significant milestone in its financial evolution.


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