A new law was put into practice in France limiting the speed limit for vehicles to just 30km/h (18 mp/h) within the city of Paris, putting the French capital to a standstill. What is perceived as really bad news for motorists and drivers is pretty good news for environmentalists … and those that want to push their own limits.

DISTANCE, a boutique running store, decided to take this new speed limit as a challenge. If drivers had to ride under 30km/h not to get fined, could runners actually go faster than them by foot ? Let’s find out.

On August 31st, a group of runners ran through the streets of Paris at full speed with the sole intention of getting fined. And they managed to achieve this incredible feat. For just one night, they turned into Outlaw Runners and put speed cameras to work. Some of the runners involved were seasoned athletes, such as Lena Kandissounon, 800m champion, and Quentin Malriq, 1500m champion.

DISTANCE then used the actual speed cameras pictures for an outdoor guerrilla campaign. Posters were also displayed in the windows of the DISTANCE store and on social media.