Divine Communication: Receiving Guidance and Messages from God and the Angels book promotion by Billie Woodruff


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Would you like to receive answers and guidance from God or the angels to questions about your children, work, and more? Are you looking to have a more personal and intimate relationship with God and the angels?

Life can be hard. But you don’t have to go through challenges and heartache alone. You may wish you could communicate and receive messages from the divine to answer your questions and help you through life. Well, good news: God is accessible and you can learn how to receive guidance from Him and the angels.
In Divine Communication, Billie Woodruff shares poignant stories of when she sought divine communication in her life and received guidance. Knowing that communication with God and the angels has helped her she shares tips and a variety of opportunities from her experience and helps you learn to do this too.

These questions and solutions can be found in Billie Woodruff’s Divine Communication. She first teaches you the importance of building faith and seek for guidance with good intentions, and then she guides you in all the ways you can communicate and receive messages from God and then angels.
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