Don’t Pick Up All the Dog Hairs: Lessons for Life and Leadership by Ronald Dwinnells MD MBA - affordable book publicity

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Everyone wants to know what to do to be successful. But if you’re wondering what you should NOT do, here’s all you need to know!

Ron Dwinnells sought leadership skills from early on in his career, and Don’t Pick Up All the Dog Hairs is the delightful and informative culmination of that search. If you’re looking for insights into how to deal with situations and enhance your life at home and in your career, Dwinnells delivers—with advice via chapters with names like “Don’t Fly with Turkeys,” “Don’t Dress like a Warthog,” “Don’t Be a Jamoke,” and “Don’t Run Over the Cat.”

But don’t let the clever chapter titles fool you. Don’t Pick Up All the Dog Hairs is full of serious wisdom in chapters like “Don’t Fail to Prioritize,” “Don’t Be a Manager When You Are Supposed to Be a Leader,” and “Don’t Drain the Emotional Bank Account.” So put down the vacuum and enjoy some advice (and laughter) while learning to be your best.