It was January 2020 when Jay Feldman, DO decided it was time to leave medicine. After years of experience in business and marketing, he was trying to balance his medical residency with his business. He was receiving increased pressure from his medical program to leave his business for good, stating that he should not be pursuing both at the same time.

In an event that devastated Dr. Jay Feldman and became the official birth of the idea of Otter PR, a woman from California had called for his program to terminate him, citing specific posts dating back to 2007. This became a media crisis and Feldman began searching for help, and finally found someone from Upwork, who he hired to make things better.

The publicist that he hired ended up giving him very bad advice and causing the crisis to worsen, resulting in him leaving his medical residency and sacrificing his career, due to a media story gone wrong. At this point, Dr. Jay Feldman entered a rabbit-hole of learning how the media functioned, how to build relationships with journalists, handle a PR crisis, and manage online reputation.

Finally, in March of 2020, Feldman approached his long-time business partner, Scott Bartnick, with a new idea. Otter Public Relations was founded this same week and Feldman got to work trying to find clients to practice his new PR skills on. He worked with publicists and reporters from all over the country to learn the game and improve on the broken PR service industry that existed.

Their first 5 hired worked with them in their small apartment in Downtown Orlando. After proving massive value for their clients, including hotel Le Bijou who went mega-viral in the media, they were able to secure more deals with larger companies. Finally, in late 2020, Otter PR moved into their first offices and began building an empire.

Today, Dr. Jay Feldman runs the fastest-growing PR firm in the country, with more than 35 employees and in two major cities. Otter’s success, as well as Feldman’s can be attributed to the hardships that he faced late in his first career, medicine. In an interview, Feldman states “There is a silver lining to everything, even though the trail was rocky, I would never trade it for anything.” In addition to running Otter PR full time, Feldman also teaches healthcare courses and creates educational content on social media.

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