Email marketing has been the most successful and in ‘demand’ marketing channel for ten years in a row. Most of the companies (almost 60%) have noted that email marketing has proved to ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ based on every dollar spent in this form of marketing channel.

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional campaign as observed by Further, they have put down that 33% open email based on subject line alone. Again Epsilon has laid down that half of an email list will be active- either opening or clicking on emails.


A few weeks back we released EasySendy Pro Beginners Guide to Email Marketing. It explained to get started with EasySendy Pro and SMTP relay delivery servers configuration. This post takes you to next level of Email Marketing with hybrid solutions.

What does the Future of Email Marketing Holds?

2021 will be the year that will make the email marketers to take automation seriously. Earlier, most of the email marketers have dabbed with a low scale of automation across the most potential customer touch points and experiences. An example being cart abandon email and welcome messages, as observed by Philip Storey from Enchant. He further continues saying that many marketers have found sources through these simple automated campaigns. But, he feels that there is much more potential.

Email marketers will automatically come to know when they are towards the right direction. They spend most of their time on automation versus scheduled campaigns & email broadcasts. Consumers always prefer personalized, and relevant experience across all channels and automation just hits the bull’s eye in this case. It is by far the most effective way to deliver this through email marketing.

Business News Daily gets us deeper insights. They spoke with the industrial experts through whom they discovered the trends that are shaping the future. As per Business News Daily, Big Data has succeeded in reaching nearly every facet business. Thereby enabling brands to create highly personalized and efficient campaigns by analyzing detailed consumer dates.

Email marketers are already using Big Data to segment their audiences based on pass purchase and browsing. However, Jason Warnock, who is the vice president of marketing intelligence and deliverability at email marketing software Yesmail. He is of different opinion. According to him, real-time email triggers will become increasingly common in the coming years.

New Age Email Marketing- the best way to engage

Let us take up few examples to illustrate the above-mentioned point without going round and round over the same thing.


DropboxDropbox has been scaling up by sending simple and creative emails. Sending cute and funny emails, by putting in a pair of playful and humorous cartoons as well as emoticons. They keep the email short.

They also emphasize on the fact that they don’t want to intrude. It just ring the bell in the minds of their recipient that they exist and why they could be helpful.

Therefore, Dropbox has mastered the art of grasping the attention of their customers. Not to forget, they also provide incentives like limited time coupon for the recipient, for going back to them.


Canva: Simplicity is the beauty of Canva emails. Whenever they come up with a new email design, they let their subscribers know that by sending an email with a new design in this. Such email gives a brief description, shows a preview and then induces the reader to try it.


BuzzFeed: One of the most favorite among its readers, BuzzFeed has awesomely written subject lines and preview text. They are always short and punchy, which fits in impeccably with the rest of the content. The preview text beautifully accompanies the content of the email. For example, if the preview is the question, the content will be the answer.

Once the reader opens the email, the text turns out to be great. The emails of BuzzFeed always convey what it is supposed to convey. Whether they add any image to it or not. That is something worth a pat on the back.

Therefore, the above examples illustrate that email marketing does not end with the development of a list of subscribers. It exactly starts at that point. Modern day email marketing is far from sending just emails with some text in it.

It involves the creation of curious preview accompanied by exciting content and attractive email designing. This tactic helps all the top companies to hold on to their subscribers thereby growing their brand name at every step.

How can a Business Take Email Marketing to Next Level?


It is prominent from some of the most success stories in email marketing mentioned above has already proved that it is the best marketing channel that any company can think of. Yet, this email marketing solution taken to a next level. Given below are such few areas representing the same.

1. Personalization– If you are not driven to take any step towards personalization in 2021, you will not see huge strides in performance. Personalization isn’t simply putting a name in the email but also making the content tailored and relevant to the individual.

You can start simply by testing a large version of an email based on past purchase. From this, you will get a sketch of increase in performance of something basic and will give you the motivation to take a step forward with the personalization strategy.


Inside EasySendy Pro you can use tags and filters to personalise email marketing campaigns.

2. Triggers– You can always deploy trigger emails to your customers. Even if you have a full suite of trigger mails like welcome, nurture, re-purchase, reactive and conversion, there is always a space to be more granular with your targeting.

For example, there is a lot of difference between sending a mail to the person who use to be your regular customer in the past versus sending a mail to a person who does not even shop once a month.

Inside EasySendy Pro you can use Email Triggers to send date event based email campaigns.

3. Inspire– We sometimes lose sight on creativity when we come across all the wonderful technologies to set-up automated, personalized emails. It should your target to get the attention of the customers in a crowded inbox.

You should fight harder so that your email gets a proper attention in your customer’s inbox and this can only be done through the application of good creativity that will provide the added impact.

But, at these same time you should avoid using any such vocabulary words which are blacklisted in email marketing and should not be mentioned inside email subject and body content.

You can refer The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words from HubSpot.

4. Doing the right thing– Who should you focus you email marketing initiatives on? The solution lies with the data that you already own. You should analyze from segments the open, click and conversation rate.

This will allow you to fine tune the differences in performance and the idea is to find out the large segment of customers that under perform compared to others. This will, in turn, allow you to improve your email marketing strategy based on the segments that have been formed by you.


Inside EasySendy Pro you can micro-segment the subscribers with Subscriber Filters.

5. Target smaller groups– You can quickly set up smaller groups of customers to get an immediate understanding of what works best for a particular group of customers and why.

Therefore, you can happily ditch the large planning time and simply dive in on a small scale to reduce barriers to getting your initiatives going.

6. Right Technology Setup– Before you start sending email campaigns; you should make sure some of the import records like SPF, DKIM, DMARC are configured correctly on your from email sending domain name.

These DNS records make sure your emails should get authenticated and must be delivered inside the mailbox of an email subscriber. Also, you should add your sending domain name to your Google Postmasters and Microsoft SNDS account. This is the right time you should start building email sending reputation; as by 2020, All Unauthenticated Emails Will Be Blocked From the Inbox.


Detail about the right technology setup guide can be found here.

7. Advance Email Inspection– If you feel that you are not getting enough email opens from your sent email campaigns, you can investigate your email template, email content, email header and email sending domain from service like,, this helps you with in detail investigation with all points in detail.

Other advanced tools for investigating the email deliveries can be – it is one of the most advanced email deliverability solutions available which, safeguard your reputation, boost your engagement and help you to fix any email marketing issues.

EasySendy Pro- an intuitive email marketing solution to the next generation of businesses

EasySendy Pro as we all know works with email marketing, using hybrid cloud services to send emails. It gives it customers the freedom to connect with different SMTP relay servers like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, MailGun, ElasticEmail, SparkPost etc. and routes emails over large IP pool resulting in high email delivery to the mailbox and high open rate.

Not only this, but it also allows the customers to take an excellent control over email marketing budget and improves the ROI on email marketing. The customer can happily add and activate one or more SMTP relay servers to deliver their email campaigns.

Another feature of Pro is that the user can split the test email deliveries across the above-mentioned servers and check reports, track email clicks and open of each email campaign.

The unique part of Pro is that it also has a smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on subscriber interactions with the email campaign. This will help in sending highly targeted emails.


Other feature includes

Other platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact are email services provider unlike EasySendy Pro, who deliver email from their infrastructure and have a limited pool of IP address.

This, in turn, hampers email delivery to the inbox of the subscribers when the amount of marketing emails sent exceeds 5000 email list size. Also, the users of ESPs happen to get limited control over managing and optimizing email delivery. Therefore, Pro stands out in these aspects compared to the other platforms.

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