Ecommerce Marketing: How to Get Traffic That Buys to Your Website

“Chloe’s E-Commerce Marketing” with Kate Middleton is a great eCommerce marketing guide that teaches you to step by step how you can use social media marketing to sell your products and services on the internet. You can set up your Facebook fan page within minutes and start getting traffic for your website in no time. 

By setting up your Facebook fan page, you can target specific audiences, and you can even get them to order from you if you have an Ecommerce Marketing site. This book review will take a closer look at this marketing strategy and give you a good idea of what type of information you should be looking for.

This book covers all the basics of eCommerce marketing, including topics such as choosing the right product, creating your product description, designing the homepage, finding targeted keywords and using them to optimize your sales page, and much more. 

The main problem that most marketers face is finding a way to get their products seen by buyers without spending a lot of money on advertising. I personally think that this book has many great lessons that can benefit beginners as they learn more about how to market on the internet.

This book has received rave reviews by those who have used it and those who have not.

 I personally ordered the Ecommerce Marketing format eBook with Kate’s permission, and I cannot tell you how helpful it has been. Although the book may be a bit pricey, it is worth every penny as you will not believe the results you will get as you start to drive traffic to your product. All the ebook content is simple to understand and implement, making it an excellent course to follow if you want to make money online with Ecommerce Marketing.

Chloe Thomas has done a tremendous job preparing this second book in the “Nine Marketing Strategies” series. She covers everything you need to know about SEO, email marketing, PPC, and mobile marketing, to name a few. In this book, you will find all the latest tips on how to drive more targeted traffic to your ecommerce Marketing site. Some of the subjects she covers in great detail are:

This book review will concentrate on the first half of the book. The first covered topic is how to generate traffic to your website by optimizing search engine optimization. The second half of the book will focus on how to do that using proven tactics. These tactics include paid searches, social media, video marketing, banner exchanges, classifieds, blogs, press releases, and video tutorials. It’s an excellent set of lessons, and you should be able to take what you learn and apply it to your own campaigns.

The last half of the book is about getting traffic to your site through other channels. This includes: lead capture pages, blogs, press releases, word of mouth, viral marketing, banner exchanges, and affiliate programs. While this book isn’t as comprehensive as the first half, it is still a beneficial read for Ecommerce Marketing entrepreneurs. The content is thorough, the techniques are solid, and you will learn how to generate sales and increase traffic to your site.

This is an exceptional guide for people who are just starting to learn about Ecommerce Marketing and Internet marketing. It’s full of tips and tricks that have been used by some of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world. Peter Bain’s writing style makes it easy to understand and read. He doesn’t go into too much detail, and he’s not a hard-core guru, so if you’re a beginner in eCommerce, this book will serve you well. If you’re already an experienced marketer and wish to learn more, this book will add another step or two to what you’ve already learned.