Hi there! I launched 1 month ago my Etsy shop with my independent art prints but still struggling in getting enough visibility on my Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Madeinhilary): Etsy Ads is still in its learning curve (20 days running) and providing poor intelligence on what search queries and keywords work most. I’m trying Google adwords with a limited budget to see if I can drive some traffic and relevant CTR rate to my shop page. Any useful experience with such a small scale project? Advice on how to best targeting the campaign? If I have a budget constraint, it’s better to narrow down the focus on specific city/location or keep it on 5-6 key cities? It’s hard to get visibility if you’re an independent artist but I’d really like to get a fair small share of relevant visitors who may like my creations.

Help! Thanks 🙂

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