Hi all,

I run a software company that has to track SaaS sales. We’re still very early stage, but I’m looking for something very straight forward. We run everything out of GSuite, so I figure that syncing to that should be easy. I want to **minimize manual entry** into the system. I want it to:

  • Intelligently generate contacts from those I have been emailing
  • Import my calendar events
  • Ideally associate meetings with those contacts to the deals that I have with them
  • At the very least allow me to look back at my past meetings and manually associate them with deals
  • Allow me to take notes per meeting and have those notes easily displayed when looking at the client

With those requirements I’ve so far been through Monday, FreshSales, Notion and Nutshell and none of them have been able to do it. These requirements seem so simple? Just don’t make me re-enter stuff you can already grab from my synced GSuite. However, everything I’ve encountered so far fails even these modest requirements.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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