If You Have Social Media Presence, You Need a Bitly Account

In the digital world, one’s personal brand defines who they are on the internet. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok feeds are curated to tell our personal stories through our own lens. Along with other social media platforms, eventually we have so many accounts we forget or lose track of where or how our content is being shared. Additionally, all of these platforms exist separately from each other, serve unique purposes based on the audience or format of the content, and don’t usually play well together as they are all in competition for each user’s time and content. So what ties them all together? Links! A Bitly link is the most reliable way to create a seamless connection that ensures engagement leads to a destination that converts to an action – regardless of the platform.

Similar to brands of all sizes using Bitly links to drive customers to a specific destination, individuals can also benefit from using Bitly’s Link Management platform. For a brand, some example destinations include a sign-up page, a website, or a blog post that highlights a specific service or product. Brands use Bitly to not only share information – they need to document, track and analyze engagement. Their links essentially become a timeline of posts they can reuse, repurpose and revisit. We’ve all come across brands that suggest visiting their Instagram bio via the “link in bio” reference. This is just one of many examples of how brands leverage Bitly links across social media to measure performance of each platform and cater content to their audience. 

Go Beyond Social Posting

Having a link in bio can be beneficial to individual users as well. Directing what would be just a quick double tap to a link that goes to a blog, an online shop, a donation page, or an event page can be the difference between engagement and action. Take it a step further and get valuable insights on that link in the Bitly dashboard. Replicate the same approach with Twitter and Facebook, but create a unique Bitly link for each and compare the data week over week or month over month. Marketers do this on an ongoing basis to ensure their audience is going beyond a social post. This data is used to tweak messaging and eventually find what resonates with their audience.

As an individual, whether it’s sharing a link to a hotel that is being recommended to friends when planning a trip or links to our favorite beauty products  – only a link will allow family and friends (or strangers) to go beyond the post. Only Bitly can provide that common thread that will weave all of your social media platforms together and save all of this information in your personal account. Brands that use Bitly don’t limit their data and insights to the native metrics provided by Instagram, Facebook, and others. They use Bitly links to own the journey and as content creators, individuals can benefit from this added layer of insight with a free Bitly account. 

Creating a free Bitly account is similar to creating any other free social media account in which a username will need to be claimed. Some of the benefits include the ability to create up to 1,000 links per month, unlimited link clicks, and customizable back-halves. When choosing a username, we recommend keeping it consistent with the usernames of other social media accounts as we’ve seen with brands that use Bitly. This builds recognition and trust which are at the core of sharing content and information on the internet. Getting started and using Bitly is a simple process which makes it easy to understand why the Bitly app complements other social media apps already downloaded on devices all over the world.

Need more? We’ve made it so that upgrading is a fast and simple process. Should there be a need to create more links or take customization a few steps further, we have options that don’t require a long term commitment, but provide long term value. If there is a need to level up branding efforts, upgrade at any time starting at $29 a month to access branded links, the option to redirect, branded QR codes, and more. Sharing a long link is cumbersome and leaves room for error. A Bitly link is short and recognized worldwide creating a quick, safe, and secure experience. Start now and let us know how it goes!

If you don’t already have a Bitly account, you can learn more and get started here.

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