As an intern at Communique PR, I have enjoyed learning more about PR professionals’ resources for their everyday projects and clients. Life as a marketing student is a fast-paced journey where I’ve been fascinated to learn more about creative branding and public relations methods. As I discover more about the PR world, Business Wire has given me some valuable tips on becoming a successful PR professional.

For those who don’t know, Business Wire is a press release distribution and regulatory disclosure company, and 60 years ago, the company opened its first office in San Francisco. Today, it has 17 offices worldwide, with a network of 100,000 media outlets and 162 countries.

To celebrate its anniversary, Business Wire is sharing 60 secrets and tips for best PR practices. This e-book has given me so much insight and guidance into the world of public relations. Specifically, I wanted to share five tips that resonated with me:

  • “Understand what makes your readers tick. Write your press release from the viewpoint of your end audience. Make the impact your news has on their lives the center of your story.”
    • This tip is helpful because it sheds some truth on attracting an audience and creating meaning for readers. Before gaining exposure to writing PR materials, I didn’t realize how crucial it is to ask questions like “Ho­w does this affect the reader?” and “Why should they care about this news?” In addition, it’s essential to speak the language of the audience to maximize the impact and reach of your communications.
  • “Match your visual approach to your audience and channel. Understanding your audience and their channels of choice will help you choose your final content types.”
    • Through my internship, I’ve seen how images and videos enhance materials. However, it’s also important to consider your audience’s preferences when considering the kind of content to create. In some cases, you might want to create a chart or graph, while in other instances, you might produce a TikTok or YouTube video to amplify your message further.
  • “Add pull quotes and calls to actions. Increase inbound traffic and advocacy by adding hyperlinks and social messaging directly into your press release.”
    • A call to action encourages people to follow up with the news or engage with content that genuinely piques their interest. In addition, by adding hyperlinks or comment sections, you can enable people to interact with the author and other readers. An engaging call to action that directs the reader can help maintain excitement around the announcement and communication material.  
  • “Many populations are composed of multiple cultural identities. Research thoroughly and develop content that embraces the cultural insight of the demographic you’re targeting.”
    • This advice shows the importance of addressing diversity and healthy relationships among all cultures in communications campaigns. Companies and their PR teams should take this advice in stride because understanding the culture and norms of diverse populations can help form meaningful connections with readers. Providing a culturally sensitive and insightful piece can build bridges for underrepresented audiences to expand the community and sustain traction with a brand.
  • “Be aware that our own biases can create unintended barriers when trying to understand differing cultures and backgrounds. Remember to take a step back and reflect on your news and consider how it will appear to a multicultural audience.”
    • Unconscious bias is the downfall for many relationships or communities that may negatively impact public image or workplace dynamics. It’s wise to reflect on how words and actions may resonate with all audience members. Unconscious bias can lead to negative press and long-term brand consequences by exposing the audience to microaggressions or negative attitudes toward certain subjects or communities. The article’s intent can be perceived differently by diverse audience members, and the impact of content can present unfavorable consequences.


These are just a few of the enlightening tips found in this downloadable e-book, which I recommend for people looking to improve their expertise and learn best practices for effective communications. I love Business Wire’s commitment to educating its readers on myriad issues such as developing a great pitch, driving engagement from press releases, and relating to diverse audiences.

Click here to download Celebrating 60 Years With 60 Tips: Communications and PR Best Practices in Advancing Today’s News Adoption and Consumption.

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