I run ads for a vet who goes to houses during the evening. Over the course of 2 months I had the chance to test things and get a feel for the average reach and conversions with fairly similar ads. A conversion is when the owner calls the vet (not necessarily asking for treatment). The ad is consistently reaching 12-15% CTR, conversion rate is ~5%.

From the beginning even up to today there’s a persistent problem of no-calls for long periods with the ad running, then 5 minutes would go buy and the vet would be swarmed with calls. This is consistently the case, with periods of silence and sudden rushes alternating.

I can’t complain about the reach but it feels weird, I’d expect calls at least a somewhat even spacing between calls but it jumps around constantly. I also waited to get enough data but even after 60 days this strange pacing is still there.

Is there anything I can do about this, or should I just write it off as the stars aligning and getting a bunch of pets sick all at once?

It’s also not the best for the vet, it often gets so hectic she can’t receive all the calls. Getting an assistant for her was on the table too but the ads are not performing so good as to pay for 2 people (yet). I’m hoping to make any improvements possible but first I’d love to find a way to the waves in the ad if it’s possible.

Do other services/businesses experience similar fluctuation in the long-term?

Added info: I can see the trends in hours/days if I average everything out. Eg. during the night obviously more people call but even in the busiest hours there are often days when there’s 0 call in an hour when otherwise there’d be 20+ in another day.

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