Greetings Experts! I’m having this issue that I’m hoping someone can offer some clarity on. Symptom: On the Main Account Form, related projects are unable to be displayed. We have a subgrid that has related projects, and that renders just fine. In the below example, Account: A has one related project B which is rendering in the subgrid. However, when clicking on Related -> Projects, the main content area is completely blank. Strangely, this also occurs when accessing related Project Items. As far as I can tell, this does not happen for any other related entity. Just for “Project Adjacent” entities. It appears that the entire list doesn’t render. Normally, when there is no related data, at least the Title and column headers/filters are present. For example, even though there are no associated Contacts, the Contacts view still renders properly. Further Information: I have double checked that the relationship entity is properly set between Account and Project, and confirmed its behavior via advanced find. I have confirmed that the Associated Project View is present and enabled in the solution. I have confirmed that the Project entity on the navigation bar is the SAME project entity that is in the subgrid This occurred after migrating our solution from “Version 1612 ( (DB on-premises” to “Version 1710 (9.2.21084.148) online” It STILL works as expected in the on-prem version In the below screenshot, it is the exact same account/project pair My Research so Far: In my search on the internet, I haven’t come across anybody in a similar issue. The closest issues I could find are the ones below: Opportunity Associated view is not showing anything… Associated View not displaying associated records neither of which quite have this same issue – nor offer any applicable solutions. I would appreciate it if anybody has any insight into this issue – thank you! (If I need to provide any more information please let me know)