I hope this makes sense to someone out there. Thank you in advance, and I hope I can find a mentor here. My request will come in the form of too many statements and unclear questions. I am trying to update the planning data on the opportunity products called (X). I want the opportunity products (X) where opportunity equals (X). Looking at all the instructions I was given, I am trying to update the opportunity product table but only the opportunity product related to opportunity (X). Update only the related line item table within the opportunity (X) I trigger. So I trigger an opportunity (X) by changing the estimated close date. Now I want to update the planning on the child line item of Opportunity (X) ( Not on every line item on every opportunity), just the one related to the one that triggers it. So we need to be able to filter in this update row. When creating a flow in Power automate, I couldn’t figure out what the Row ID is? I need to figure out how to retrieve the Row ID from the parent opportunity to show how or how to get the Row IDs. Please take a look at my screenshots. If you have a site or a blog on step-by-step instructions, that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks