Hello everyone, In a model driven app, I’m creating a cloud flow that automates updates and inserts. I have an entity “car”. The user select a type of wheels for the car. This type of wheel consists of three parts. So, the three parts get added to a related entity called car-parts. The car-parts entity links cars and parts. There is a relationship, and a lookup for car on the car-parts entity, because car has a subgrid that shows the parts. Now, when I add the wheel parts to the car-parts entity from a cloud flow, I need to fill the lookup on the car-parts entity with the car entity. This, however, seems impossible. I have all the car data, every attribute of it, including the ID. But I can’t use it for filling the lookup column of the car-parts entity. Is there any way to retrieve the car entity with an expand query or some form of fetch XML notation? Maybe a formula of some sort that gets an entire entity by its ID? I’ve tried linked-entity, with fetch XML, to retrieve the car entity from a shared entity, but apparently I can only get the car entity from a car lookup column in another entity, even though I have the complete set of attributes of the car entity already. Thanks in advance for any hint or tip. Best regards, – Alex.