Objective Hi, I’m currently working with dynamics CRM on-premise where I’m directly connecting to the SQL server database and fetching data through SQL queries. Since on-premise features are gonna end-up deprecated soon, I’m planning on using a dynamics CRM online environment. Research In my research I ended up in the documentation of “Dataverse”, I setup a sandbox environment where I can query data through the web API. However I can’t figure out how to access SQL views (or something similar to predefined queries). They are not defined in the API index (or endpoint list as I like to call it). Looking to implement custom SQL views in dynamics CRM online I then read about “savedquery”. It seems it used to store a predefined SQL query. I successfully created some and executed them, but it seems some EntityType are not accessible through saved queries… What can I do? I want to replace my hundreds of SQL queries I have already written to make them compatible in a dynamics CRM online environment. Some of those SQL queries are SQL views and I can’t seem to rewrite them using fetchxml (language/template used to use saved-queries). Am I on the right track? Am I clear on what I want to achieve? I look forward to any advice, thank you.