Hi, In order to achieve this, first you will need to extract the list of records from Dynamics which includes the GUID and other columns and sink into a staging file. And then join this staging file with the original file to get the GUID info. Once you have the GUID, you can import by mapping the parent record with the GUID. For example, lets say you have a file for list of Accounts and during the import, you want to look up primary contact. And obviously, your file doesn’t contain primary contact GUID but it contains Full name or some other column data to match the primary contact. Below are the steps I would do: 1. Create a copy activity in ADF to fetch Contacts list from Dynamics and sink into a staging or temporary file. This file will contain Contact GUID, First Name, Last Name, FullName or any other column which will match with Account. 2. Using Data flow, Join Account file and the staging file so that each Account record will have a GUID for the primary contact. And Sink into a file (for example: Account_Final.txt) 3. Using copy activity in ADF, import the “Account_Final.txt” into Dynamics. In mapping, map the Dynamics primary contact column with the GUID column in the file. Let me know if this helps. Thank you, Preetam