See if you first can update to, if successful take a backup and then move further to The update comes with a SalesPatch(solution) which have caused many failing upgrade attempts as can be seen if searching the forum. You should see a SalesPatch error if this is the case. If so the best way, at least for us was to comment out that line from the Update bits, upgrade the affected organization(s) without the SalesPatch and the try Importing it manually via “Import Solution” from the web client. As it will fail you will now get a more clear view of what’s in your Org that causes the issue as you can download the Import log and see every object it tries to update. In our case we had issue with some altered “ootb” security roles which then fixed(long story) and were able to import the SalesPatch. Other than that, a common script that we at least had to run prior to upgrade(thus from v8.2->9.x) was. UPDATE Entity SET IsOfflineInMobileClient = 1 WHERE ObjectTypeCode IN (953, 954) AND IsOfflineInMobileClient = 0 Not sure if the SQL script above is needed in your case thou as you are already on v9 but you could check if returns any by just rewrite it to a select statement. Best regards. /Philip