Hi Pedro, Sorry, I guess my picture accidentally deleted in my thread. I was actually select ” SelectControlAllItemReference ” And I just tried, if using the one that you suggested, the button will not open anything if no row selected, and if select 1 row, Custom Page is in New Formmode. I tried to change parameter setting again and think the working one is ” SelectControlSelectedItemReferences ” But this is also have some flaws, is that when I didn’t select any row, the button will do nothing , not open my Custom Page, whereas if I select 1 row, the Custom Page is shown with the correct record which is selected. My initial idea was : If I didn’t select any row, the button press will open Custom Page which is in New Form Mode (to insert new) If I select, then it will open Custom Page with the corresponding row (record) selected. Edit Form Mode. This one is now done. This is possible, right? What are actually the meaning of each selection ? I’ve read this -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/developer/model-driven-apps/pass-data-page-parameter-ribbon-actions#grid-values but too bad it looks not clear what what is the meaning of each. But it is getting better and better, Thank You Very Much.