Hey guys,
Honestly, I hate paying influencers to market my D2C products. I hired a female influencer to advertise a gaming keyboard on May 3rd. She made me pay 50 dollars upfront then proceeded to make a mess out of my product’s launch. 50 dollars is a lot for an indie-hacker and this made me realize – I want to take control of MY marketing process.

It’s 2022 and sure as hell, I can program a bot to serve as my personal influencer.

If anyone here shares my sentiment, please consider looking at my open-source Instagram bot https://zuck-cat.phoneworker.online/ . At the moment, it allows for multiple account logins, searching follower lists and navigating to user profiles. It’s all open-source and I was looking for like-minded hackers to help me build amazing Instagram bots. Please join my mailing list and I’ll personally send you the current version of the Python bot.

Also, if you’d like to build your own Instagram bot, I am offering a FREE Udemy course to help you learn the basics. You can get it here : https://www.udemy.com/course/automate-everything-beginner-instagram-bot-python-html/?couponCode=5222143BE97D6EFCA902

Let’s make influencer bots together!

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