Gamblers Fools And Fate On The Road To Key West - Caribbean Adventure/Humor by Michael Reisig - book promotion sites

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Terraformation — the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography, or ecology of a planet, so as to make it more habitable for Earth-like life… 
Once again, The Hole In The Coral Wall Gang are up to their eyeballs in misadventure and incredible circumstance. This time it all begins on one of the most remarkable islands in the Southern Hemisphere. 
The hundred-year-old Coiba Penal Colony off the coast of Panama is an island swarming with convicts, inside and outside the prison walls, and yet, by the strangest of fates, this extraordinary tropical isle possesses an ancient secret that could change the world. 
In the midst of all this, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell find themselves in a whirlwind of challenges. Aside from being chased by a duo of dangerous but remarkably luckless hit people, they, along with their team, find themselves challenging the island of Coiba for its remarkable secret, while trying to dodge vicious desperados, prison soldiers, and a belligerent island commandant.
If that weren’t enough, there’s the South Florida mafia, who also want what the team has discovered. 
Then there’s the lunatic administrator from “The Last Resort” who claims Kansas and Will owe her money for… “not dying in a timely fashion, and not paying in full for her unique services…’” (She runs a lovely retreat on a small island just south of Jamaica, where certain people, with say, health issues, come to have an extraordinary experience one last time, and then… “be pleasantly surprised by death.”) 
But once you pay, you stay…