What are some more generic company name endings? Which one do you prefer? I’m having difficulty choosing.

The reason I ask is that the company name I like is already taken and I don’t want a different one, so I’ll have to add some meaningless generic suffix. Just to clarify: I’m not talking about the business entity type (e.g. LLC or Inc.)

The ones I could think of are:

  • Example Collective
  • Example Enterprises
  • Example Group
  • Example Industries
  • Example International
  • Example Services
  • Example Systems
  • Example Ventures
  • Example Solutions
  • Example Partners
  • Example Holdings
  • Example & Son
  • Example & Co.
  • Example Innovations
  • Example Worldwide
  • Example Technologies

I would love to get your thoughts on what you like best or if you do actually use one of these suffixes

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