Get Viral: Awesome Video Market

In today’s viral internet world, having your customer’s interest is more important now than ever before. Viral video marketing is quickly becoming one of the top ways to get that all-important attention for your brand. 

Viral videos tend to have a higher conversion rate because they reach the audience personally. So if you are trying to drive traffic to your website or blog, try to incorporate video marketing into your next campaign.

I recently saw a video by Matt Cutts called “How to Get Viral: Video Marketing in 10 Days.” In this video, Matt Cutts explains how he created and used his own viral video to market his own product and service. 

In this video, he shows a step-by-step process of creating an effective and entertaining video. In my opinion, I would recommend watching this entire video if you have the ability to make a short video and upload it on YouTube. The video makes an excellent case study to effectively market a product by making a simple yet effective commercial.

“Get Viral: Video Marketing” is a new e-book by Richard Legg. The book describes how to create a campaign to get your product in front of as many potential buyers as possible and increase your sales. The book’s main thrust is to describe and outline a process that Legg believes can be used by virtually any marketer, regardless of their experience level or skill. The process consists of five main steps.

First, create a short, powerful video that effectively sums up your product or service. The shorter the video, the better. You should avoid videos that are more than 30 minutes in length; if possible, record a high-quality video to post on several video distribution services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, etc.

Second, use video marketing to get viral results. Viral video marketing involves creating video ads designed to go viral immediately, which then gain momentum when published on several sites that attract a wide variety of audiences. The ad must also be promoted heavily in several places online, including social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and many specialty websites. It should be noted that this strategy is not recommended for most newer business models; however, for established businesses, it can be a highly effective method of getting free exposure. It is also a great way to increase your targeted traffic.

Third, take advantage of social bookmarking sites. There are many popular social bookmarking sites, such as StumbleUpon, Digg, and Delicious. Using them to post your video is one of the easiest ways to get results. Remember to post your video on a site where people will be interested, and then leave a link to your video in the comments section.

Fourth, write a blog review. There are many blogs dedicated to reviewing books or other similar items. Write a review of your book, and then include a link to your book’s website. Every time you mention your link in the blog review, an alert will go out to the video’s website.

Fifth, participate in online marketing forums. There are many message boards and discussion forums where you can get information about different products or services. Usually, people are eager to share their knowledge about whatever it is they are selling. Participate by answering questions, giving advice, or even promoting your product. This is another free strategy that really works.

While video production budgets have been increasing for years, it’s only now that those budgets are beginning to take advantage of new mediums like social networking and online video sharing sites. Marketing is now one of the top ways to gain that attention for your brand, product, or service