Hi guys

I am a new affiliate starting this business and I am confronted with a huge roadblock, without having purposely done anything wrong.

I had 4 Google ads account for a few weeks and I was advertising on 2 of them.

Payments were set up to

1) Primary Visa Prepaid Card

2) Secondary Visa Credit Card

Both cards are in my sole name and have been active for years.

The first few payments went smooth. I advertise for approx $150/day.

By the third payment, however (payment threshold was at $500), there wasn’t enough money on the prepaid card.

The issue was solved in a matter of a few hours. I don’t remember if I paid manually with the credit card or if Google charged it automatically.

Anyway, approx 10 days later, Google started suspending my accounts due to suspicious payments.

On average, every day they would suspend one of them. Of course, I submitted various appeals, one for each account.

The first of them was accepted and the account was reinstated. The very same day, however,

the decision was rolled back and the account was suspended again.

My appeals contain a copy of the bank statements of the two cards,

selfie of me holding my national ID and proof of residence (utility bill in my name, with same address of the cards).

Since time was passing and passing and the appeals were not being answered, I created a Master account (I believe the old name was MCC).

From there I created one single account. But before I could even start a campaign, it was shut down as well.

Now all of my accounts (excluding the Master/MCC that can not run ads) are suspended due to suspicious payments and

to circumventing systems policy.

I guess that the idea of creating an MCC and creating accounts from there was in reality a bad idea,

since Google writes that you shouldn’t create new accounts if one account is suspended.

This triggered probably the circumventing system’s policy even if I heard that other guys had no issues with it.

As a process of elimination, I deleted both cards last weekend and I added a new and fresh Visa card in my name as well.

Anyway, here I am now: For almost two weeks no one of my ads has been running and I am not sure what I did wrong.

I tried calling their support, but the guys on the phone and chat did not know what the issue exactly was, they only saw my appeals and the Google answer to them.

I can not think that I am the only one on the earth having this kind of issue.

Has anyone had success in a similar situation?

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