For context, I’m trying to track my conversions on Google Ads with Google Tag Manager, however, my Google Ads is not successfully tracking my conversions.

I used Google Tag Legacy Assistant and encountered this issue under Google Ads Conversion Tracking:

An error occured while the tag was fired: net::ERR_ABORTED

Error while sending request: net::ERR_ABORTED

Searched all over Google for assistance with no luck. Has anyone stumbled upon this and successfully fixed it?

Additional background info:

I’m using Google Tag Manager to track form submissions on a website built on WordPress w/ the Elementor Plug-in.

Open to compensate if you’re open to looking at my site and guiding me through troubleshooting!


And if you really seem to know what you’re doing on these platforms, I’m open to paying $50-150/hr for teaching me optimization techniques on my current campaigns.

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