I started running ads for this client a week ago. They were pressed for time to start ads, since Q4 is their busy season, so I reluctantly took them on. I created a brand campaign, bottom funnel campaign and a brand awareness campaign (that leads to their YouTube page that teaches diy haircuts). The brand campaign got 4 sales totalling $245 (which I find hard to believe) and the bounce rate was 25%. Their bottom funnel campaign had 6.9% CTR, no conversions and between 80-100% bounce rate, which tells me their landing pages need to be optimized (her products are expensive and include bundle that are expensive. I think she should have individual, cheaper products as an option. I think this will fix this issue). Their brand awareness campaign got 9.46% CTR and no conversions, but their direct searches increased by 500% since these campaigns started and resulted in 9 sales totalling $2,000, which I suspect helped partially. Total ad spend for the last week was $316.

I have a monthly report I have to do and a meeting with the client tomorrow, but I have no idea how to paint a pretty picture out of this information.

How would you leverage this information?

About client: E-commerce Sell haircut products Said their AOV was $350 Previously had an intern run a smart campaign for 6 months (the shitty one that Google tries to force clients to start with). GA was set up by her intern, so I suspect this could’ve been done wrong.

Additional information: Context: I do freelance work. Conversion Tracking is a chink in my armor.

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