Most of us consider that PPC networks are run by Bing and Google only. However, these are not the only PPC platforms that you can implement and get good returns. And this is where Google AdWords, the king in PPC marketing, comes into play.

Several leading PPC services companies employ AdWords to fine-tune the campaign.

We can’t deny that Google AdWords is one of the best PPC networks today. With the traffic and keywords obtainable here, it can be more accessible and the most effective tool to employ. Furthermore, the ad network by Google is fantastic as it considers an extensive network that includes heaps of sites.

Its only hitch is how competitive it can get. This is the network that most ad agencies practice, the prices can be high sometimes compared to other networks. However, Google is the most popular search engine internationally, and billions of people visit the site daily. So if you want your campaign to get the most exposure, Google Adwords should be on your list.

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