Was wondering if anyone had any experience or could help with an issue that our agency is having. We are randomly getting Google Ads accounts cancelled without notice. They aren’t even sending emails of warning or even advising cancellation. We just get an email saying there is a past due amount on a cancelled account.

When reaching out to support they just advise: ” The account it is mapped under Google Large Sales Customer which means then only option is to set in the account billing is under monthly invoicing. “

The weird thing is they are all newish accounts for auto dealers that spend less than $5k per month. We generally try to put these on the clients card when possible and have avoided monthly billing in the past due to additional workload it would put on our team. They also havent given us any notice of these being on another team at Google.

Our Google rep has been unresponsive and this type of issue can snowball fast. I would understand if we were getting policy violations, but our team avoids the grey area and runs safe ads.

Does anyone have any experience with issues like this or any advice?

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