I am writing to express the deep sense of worry and sadness that my mom and I are feeling due to Google’s recent suspension of our Google Ads account. This generates the majority of revenue for our small healthcare clinic, that my mother started 20 years ago. I was brought on board a few years ago to help. We have been utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) practices for the last decade but Google Ads is our primary source of revenue.

We had a digital marketing agency set up our ads account years ago, but now it seems that certain practices used in our campaigns have triggered Google’s suspension on Dec 15th. We are trying to fix the situation by following all guidelines provided by Google, but it’s really confusing and vague. We have also solicited help from a few freelancers, but they all seem to offer different solutions

I am truly at a loss here and hope that you can provide us with some direction so that we can get our account reinstated soon. We would really appreciate your help in this matter as our family’s livelihood depends on it. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
My website: www.brentwoodphysio.ca

Reason for suspension:

Circumventing system (THIS IS ALARMING & VERY SERIOUS – More about this below)

Malicious software (No scans are picking up any malicious software, but I believe this is fixable)

Destination not working (I believe this is fixable)

Non-family safe (I believe this is fixable)

Health in personalized advertising (I believe this is fixable)

Circumventing system

The following is not allowed:

  • Cloaking (I don’t think I have done this)

  • Redirection to non-compliant content (The only redirect I have is “mywebsite.com” redirects to “www.mywebsite.com” ( A fiverr guy said this is against google ads policy, is this true?)

  • Using dynamic DNS to switch page or ad content (Not sure what this means)

  • Manipulating site content or restricting access to so many of your landing pages that it makes it difficult to meaningfully review your ad, site, or account (I don’t think I have done this)

  • Using click trackers to redirect users to malicious sites ( I have hot jar on the site, is this a click tracker?)

  • Repeated policy violations across any of your accounts, including creating new domains or accounts to post ads that are similar to ads that have been disapproved (Have not done this)

  • Bypassing enforcement mechanisms and detection by creating variations of ads, domains or content that have been disapproved or using techniques (Not sure what this means)

  • After a previous suspension decision, created new accounts in order to re enter the system (Have not done this)

  • Abusing Google Ads product features in order to show policy non-compliant content to users and/or gain additional traffic (I don’t think I have done this)

I spent New Years Eve worried sick in front of my laptop racking my brain. Any help or insight would b greatly appreciated.

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