I own a branding agency and am looking to shift my business model into offering small businesses and start-ups a branding experience, delivered in a form of a ‘sprint’ – They will have an intensive session with me, and I will dedicate a 1-2-3 day period to deliver a full brand.

I’m looking for support with re-naming my business, as I was VERY intent on calling it HYPERFOCUS, only to find out that there is an agency in germany with the same name, offering a very similar service.

All comments (and additional recommendations) welcome, based on the names that I’ve already done some preliminary research on – Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Head Start – head-start.co

Smart Brands – smartbrands.com.au

Hyper Launch – hyperlaunch.com.au

I Brand You – ibrandyou.co

Hyper Fast – hyper-fast.com.au

Brand Start – brand-start.co

Hyper Brand – hyperbrand.com.au / hyper-brand.co

Brand Work – brandwork.com.au

Hop Skip – hopskip.co

Super Speed – super-speed.co

Brand Launch – brandlaunch.me / brandlaunch.today

Launch Now – launch-now.co

My Brand – mybrand.com.au

Brand Today – brandtoday.co

Kick Start – kick-start.com.au

Launchbox – launchbox.agency

Launchpad – thelaunchpad.com.au

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