Last week, after I posted my post, many people came to visit my website in order to give me some feedback and help. I really appreciate it. I received a lot of comments telling me how much they feel confused about my website. For a long time, I think the function and defination of my website is very clear, but your messages made me realize that my website is not that easy to understand. By the way, my website is basically a directory helps manage access to all ecommerce tools in one place.

Since I have never built a website like this before, I don’t know how to design it in a normal way. Even though I am aware of the existence of some competitor websites, I didn’t imitate their website design to build mine. However, after receiving a lot of feedback recently, I began to reflect on whether the first screen of my site did not express the purpose of my site very clearly, and maybe it’s time to make a section on the first screen to write the brife introduction of my site on, rather than to put it in the ‘About Us‘ page.

Here are the first screens of several competitors’ websites.







Whose design above do you think is suitable for my website’s first screen? Can you help me choose one out of them?

Thank you sincerely~~~

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