Two weeks ago, after I posted my post, many people visited my website and gave me some feedback. I am really grateful and then I decided to do a section on the first screen to write a brief introduction to my website according to your opinions.

Since I have no previous experience with similar sites, I put out the interfaces of several competitors in my last post, hoping to get some advice about how to learn from one of them. Everyone voted for D. During this period of time, I tried to not only refer to the competitor’s website to do the first screen by myself but also contacted some engineers to deal with the difficult technical problem. However, due to the limitations of the theme, I can only make it to this extent.

What do you think of the website I have changed so far? I really want to know what you guys think. Especially the first screen and category bar of my website, do they look strange, compared with others?

Have a nice day, everyone 🙂

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