We removed the HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION BudgetType enum from the Google Ads API in the v9 release. In the next few weeks, we will deprecate the HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION BudgetType in all prior versions of the API and migrate existing HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION budgets to STANDARD budgets. Although the HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION BudgetType enum will still exist in prior versions of the API, attempting to create a budget of type HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION will result in an error after the change is completed. In addition, reports against existing budgets of type HOTEL_ADS_COMMISSION will reflect the STANDARD BudgetType after the migration. Please update your codebase accordingly to avoid any potential business interruptions.

If you have any questions about this change or need additional help, contact us through the forum or at [email protected]