What should an author do to get in the best position to sell lots of books?

Get a book publisher with wide distribution capability is choice one.

If self-published, get a distributor who can sell into the marketplace.

If with a hybrid publisher, make sure they have access to full distribution channels. 

The key here:  

a.       Have account access to a retailer so they can order the book, if they desire. For instance, if your book is not listed with Ingram, the nation’s largest book wholesaler, many bookstores won’t be able to order your book.  

b.      It is one thing for stores to order your books, hoping to sell them to consumers. Example: Barnes and noble orders 600 hundred copies for its shelves in 200 stores. It’s another thing for stores responding to demand that you generate. Example: someone hears you on a radio show. They go to a local store. That store may not have the book on hand, in stock, but it can order it for you.  

So, who are the key players for selling printed books?  

·         Barnes and Noble is the largest bookstore chain by far.

·         A distant second is Books-a-Million.

·         There are some prominent indie bookstores with multiple locations, such as: Tattered Cover and

·         Powell’s Bookstore

·         Amazon

·         Indiebound.org  

To consult a directory of indie bookstores, please see: https://www.bookweb.org/  

To consulta directory of libraries, see: https://librarytechnology.org/libraries/uspublic/, https://libguides.ala.org/mailing-lists, https://publiclibraries.com/state/, and https://librarytechnology.org/libraries/ 

For online retailers and the sale of e-books, look at:  

·         Amazon

·         Kobo

·         Barnes and Noble Nook

·         Apple Books

·         Google Play Books

·         ebooks.com 

·         Indiebound.org

·         Scrbd

·         Smashwords

Big Box stores: that sell books include:  

·         Walmart

·         Costco

·         Target  

There are also specialty shops such as gift shops, supermarkets, drugstores, etc.

Airport Bookstores are covered by Hudson Books.  

However, the book market is much bigger than all of the above. You can speak and sell books. You can arrange for bulk sales to organizations, schools, and businesses. You can sell books via social media and through your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and web site. You can create affiliates to sell your book. You can go grassroots and mail postcards or handout fliers, take out ads, or bundle your book with other people’s products and books. 

There are also rich markets overseas, both in English-spoken areas such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, as well as nations that can translate the rights to your book in other languages.  

The key to sales is to constantly do something to generate a sale and to have proper distribution sales in place to create discovery or to fulfill an order. That begins with how you get published and with whom. Good luck!


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