A normal branding company can do a lot of things…but, a great branding company does branding with the below given points as a prioirty with their Brand Designers :

– If a brand designer could get to know or understand the base essence of the brand and create a vision around it ..is the most important aspect of great Brand Designer. How he visualizes the brand is one of the most important aspects. If you imagine Facebook, whatsapp an instant brand image occurs on your mind either the brand is quirky, serious, binge foodie (like mc donalds) etc
– Getting on the design part is a second aspect in which the designer would have to play with colors and then create a cosnsitency in design considering the apsect of a single family of branding in terms of letter heads, logos visitng cards etc.
– Soft skills and technical skills are like easily available but if you could find the above two points in a freelancer he/she could be great candiate

I could recommend you a great branding company…Check out their official website at : https://youandyou.co/

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