I have recently taken over a Google Ads account with around a $10k monthly spend, and a cost per conversion of around $3. The goal is to try to lower this conversion cost. I Haven’t worked on Google Ads accounts for a +1 year so I’m not 100% sure of how to proceed

I have audited the account, and I feel like the account structure could be improved. There’s no SKAG ad groups, match types are mixed in together, some of the same keywords are used across the account, there’s only 2 or 3 landing pages used in ads etc. I feel like implementing a “cleaner” structure, with ad groups specific to one theme, more landing pages that are more aligned with the search intent could improve the account.

However, I’m not sure of how I should implement the changes. Should I change everything at once, in all campaigns (there’s 9 campaigns), or implement the changes in the 2 worst performing campaigns and wait a few weeks before implementing the changes across the entire account ?


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