How Six Sigma Certification is a good choice for Career

Any organization using Six sigma methodologies maintains the appropriate data-driven approach and discipline to eliminate defects. This process is utilized by many engineering, manufacturing, and product-based industries.

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Six Sigma certification!

Six Sigma certification aims at educating the individual about the technique of analyzing processes and the related outcomes following fewer wastages and defects. It verifies an individual’s aim at providing quality-assured products. The Six Sigma certification involves many levels of Belts ranging from the primary user to the master levels.

And Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques used by companies to improve production by eliminating defects and giving better quality.

Six Sigma uses the road map of the DMAIC model to improve the quality of the results and improve the process.

DMAIC:: Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, and Control. 

Levels of Six Sigma certification

There are many levels of Six Sigma certification including White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

White Belt 

This is the basic level of Six Sigma certification that includes basic concepts of Six Sigma. Six sigma White Belt certification is ideal for beginners who have basic Six Sigma methodologies and their impacts.

Yellow Belt

Six Sigma yellow belt certification is for professionals who have proficient knowledge about the foundational level of Six Sigma methodology. Yellow Belt individuals serve the team who has less improvement work on the projects. The individual possesses a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Six Sigma certification methods. Yellow Belt certification includes competence in the subject matters containing DMC – Define, Measure, and Control phases.

Green Belt

At this Green Belt certification, employees can directly participate in Six Sigma projects. This certification helps to develop enhanced problem-solving knowledge and also you can apply statistical methods to improve the process.

Green Belt certification is ideal for the one looking for the best career. This can improve the quality of processes to experience an effective environment for the project. These individuals are responsible for managing small-scale projects and supports Black Belts in larger organizations.

Black Belt

The purpose of this Black Belt certification is to train and certify those who can carry out Six Sigma projects within the company. This certification helps to improve your employment opportunities. Individuals certify their knowledge of Six Sigma to lead better efforts within the organization.

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification helps you to learn leadership qualities while understanding the roles and responsibilities. They can also train, develop, and advise the management and the team employees to achieve common goals.

Master Black Belt

This advanced level of Six Sigma certification requires the successful completion of the Black Belt certification. This certification emphasizes knowing multiple project requirements which in turn helps to build a better experience. So Masters Black Belts are expected to manage the projects well.


It is the upper level of the Six Sigma Certification, here executives are responsible for implementing Six Sigma across the organization.

As the Six Sigma certification includes all the levels of Belts which includes multiple projects and an understanding of the organizational processes. People with the completion of these belts are expected to hold the good knowledge and skills, that one requires to deal with the organization.

Benefits of learning Six Sigma Certification for the organization

Benefits of learning Six Sigma Certification for the organization

Eliminate errors and defects to reduce the risk in an organizational process

Gaining Best Six Sigma Certification and implementing the software to enable individuals to be critical to identify and eliminate errors. This way you can reduce the total waste of an organization to optimize the process. The unique methodology of this process can help you identify the areas of waste and eliminate those wastes from the organization by saving time, money, and resource.

Improve business processes and the quality

By completing the certification, you will be able to analyze the company’s manufacturing and business processes. You will be able to conduct product reviews by maintaining current practices in the organization. This will improve the business process and enhances the quality of the project. This certification shows the level of achievement by sustaining the quality improvement with no deviation in a projected trajectory.

Increase your value across the organization

One of the most beneficial advantages of Six Sigma certification is you gain value in the organization. The six sigma methodologies are applied in telecom, aerospace, banking and financial services, HR, IT, marketing, and many more industries across the world.

Boost client confidence in your organization

Six Sigma implementation in an organization helps the organization to streamline the proper processes and increase customer satisfaction. Whenever the project team is capable to identify the waste in the processes and correct them, they will attract customer satisfaction.

This can even help your organization to gain confidence from the customers and the stakeholders also. There is an understanding that organizations with more number Six Sigma-certified employees prioritize quality.

Benefits of Six Sigma certification for the career growth

In this competitive job market, Six sigma certification can help you gain an edge against the competition. Six Sigma certification is worth considering if you want to gain career progress and increase your earning potential.

Below are some of the benefits of Six Sigma certification

1. Show up with your application

Employers can receive hundreds of applications for the positions, it is difficult for job seekers to land the job. That is the reason why the Six Sigma certification which is a globally recognized credential to show up your application in the competition.

Mentioning Six Sigma certification can help you show up your resume among many other competitors. This shows your skills and knowledge necessary to improve your project operations. You can add your advantage over other applications and land the best job with the best pay salary.

2. Gain real-time scenarios

One of the best keys to learning the process is to know how to apply your knowledge. While taking the Six Sigma certification helps you deal with many scenarios relative to the real-time industry. As a part of learning you will learn to improve your skills and knowledge for improving the project. This way you can improve your business also.

3. Help in increasing the organizational profits

Six Sigma Certification helps in increasing the organizational profits

Six Sigma-certified employees can help you benefit the organization to streamline the process. This way you can eliminate waste, resulting in increased profits. Hiring these Six Sigma-certified employees can help you apply six sigma principles by reducing the roadblocks in production.

4. Reducing organization expenditure

Some organizations can not control their expenses if there is no system to track how and where the money is being invested. Six Sigma certification can help to reduce expenses by identifying and eliminating waste within an organization. This process can help you know the tools and techniques needed to streamline the operations by improving the processes and eliminating errors. In turn, saving the company’s expenses.

Six Sigma-certified individuals help the project team and organization to identify and reduce waste. Additionally, Six Sigma certified knows to do better negotiation with suppliers and vendors.

5. Enhance organizational efficiency

One of the best benefits of Six Sigma certification is that it will increase team efficiency which in turn increases project and organizational efficiency. Along with all the team members being on the same page, and working together towards the same goal. This will lead to the achievement of the same goal of the organization by identifying the process needs and requirements.

Organizations can produce more with fewer efforts, which leads to higher efficiency with the inevitable increase in profits. By following the Six sigma principles the team can work together efficiently and effectively. This increases the employer’s morality and productivity towards the organization. With this increase in efficiency, customers receive the product faster and with no compromise on the quality. This in turn increases customer satisfaction and maintains long-term customer loyalty.

6. Build effective teams

One of the most important features of any organization is its team. A group of individuals working for the team to achieve a common goal will be incredibly effective when managed adequately. This is the key to achieving the success of the team which relies on data and statistical analysis. This also ensures that the decisions are made with a personal preference for organizational growth. Teams work under Six sigma guidance for more efficient and effective results.

So, with the Six Sigma certification, individuals become equipped with the fundamental skills to build effective teams with better communication. This course can help you grow the team with better managing skills for the projects by increasing workplace and customer satisfaction.

7. Incline towards becoming a leader

With the project management role, you can lead a team by managing the stakeholder’s critical roles. Six Sigma tools and methodologies along with the ability to manage changes, quality improvements, and work efficiency.

This Six sigma certification will help you manage the changes smoothly with effective team managing members. And leadership quality and capability will grow by building a better understanding of team management and dynamics.

Additionally, Six Sigma certification helps you by giving you knowledge about the analytical skills for evaluating and managing the changes of the team. This provides ownership and responsibilities toward work and projects. Hence, applying these skills, will improve your leadership qualities and can influence your team members.

8. Easy to move to a management role

With the Six Sigma certification not only you gain good career growth, but you can also move to a management position. As the Six sigma certification covers the analytical, technical and managerial roles, you can prepare well for further benefits in your organization.

9. Better salary opportunities

Having six sigma certification with you can provide you with the aspect of negotiation in your salary at your experience. You can expect at least a 10% higher salary than the other non-certified candidates.

10. Improve work culture and the environment

Six Sigma Certification helps improve work culture and the environment

An individual who has done Six Sigma certification is considered to help create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. The skills and techniques taught in the Six sigma certification course help the to utilize the necessary tools and manage the team appropriately. Through the certification training, the individual can grasp quality management and environmental change in the project. So by applying the techniques there is a chance of adopting the principles and employee satisfaction.

11. Learn to streamline the processes

As an organization grows, it becomes complex and the improvements become an apparent need. The six sigma certification methodologies help to utilize the efficiencies and effectiveness of the team and the organization. And the course will help to implement plans and track them appropriately toward the goal of the organization.

12. Global Recognition

One of the most important aspects of the Six Sigma certification is, it is recognized globally. The confidence and the skills learned during the course are well-recognized across the world, which can help you gain the best job. Multiple organizations with a vast number of requirements for Six Sigma in the project are inlined.

13. Reduce mistakes

As you get the promotion to manager, it is essential to work on the improvement of your team’s performance constantly. Six Sigma certification helps you to manage your team with fewer errors and mistakes in production. This can be approached by following the road map which can help to remove the mistakes throughout the process. Additionally, avoiding the same mistakes in the future also.

14. Become innovative and analytical

As a six sigma certified candidate, you will be more innovative with better analytical skills and management quality. This can be the clear identification of your efficiency and improvement of the business process and performance. Through this course, individuals equip the better professional knowledge and skills to manage the project cost-effectively.

15. Critical thinking capacity

Six sigma certification helps with the learning of various tools and methodologies to solve multiple problems. These tools are effective in making essential decisions as part of problem-solving techniques. Critical thinking and problem-solving aspects help to understand the root cause of the project analysis.

So, Six Sigma can lead to better job prospects with a better salary. The six sigma certification improves the quality improvement of the organization. Through this, you can strengthen your knowledge and skills toward streamlining the business process. And it teaches you the formal implementation and application of Six Sigma in the organization. Many organizations are requiring certified training and certification by focusing on the right issues and enhancements. Hence, applying the six sigma certification can help the organization to improve its processes with better analytical skills. By adopting the Six Sigma skills you can contribute to the advancement and improvement of the team and the organization. Six Sigma methodologies can improve the company’s profits and customer satisfaction. This can in turn improve the probability and marketability of an organization.

Six Sigma certification course are available through multiple academies which focuses on the classroom as well as online learning. You can enroll at your convenience and grab the best opportunity to explore six sigma concepts and hold the certification. This way you can gain global recognition also.


Any organization using Six sigma methodologies maintains the appropriate data-driven approach and discipline to eliminate defects. This process is utilized by many engineering, manufacturing, and product-based industries. Six Sigma uses DMAIC which helps with the systematic identification of defects, measurements, analysis, improvements, and control processes. Because of these technologies and strategies, many organizations look for individuals with the Six Sigma certification. And organizations that use this Six Sigma technique has proven to have higher revenue, improved process, and varied employment opportunities.


Q.1 What are the factors that determine the best Six Sigma efforts in an organization?

Ans. There are many factors determining the Six Sigma efforts in an organization. Below are a few –

  • Support and commit to the executive team management
  • Understanding of the resources requirements with the availability of the project
  • Training amount needed by the staff
  • Scope and size of the projects
  • Ability to manage the project with recognition of the team requirements

Q.2 Is it worth taking the Six Sigma certification?

Ans. Every organization is regularly transforming itself to optimize and drive the transformation for better prospects. The most important benefit of Six Sigma certification is that it equips the project to support, drive and lead strategic projects from basic standards to the international level. From the business prospects, the projects drive from the bottom-line improvement and employee engagement. This also helps to serve better customer satisfaction.

Q.3 Who can go through the Six Sigma certification?

Ans. The Six Sigma certification has multiple levels of belts to go through –

  • Yellow Belt – It is designed as an introductory level designed for the individuals to individuals with limited experience.
  • Green Belt – It is the core level for the first expertise manager level. This covers the complex methods and tools used to identify the elimination of the defects in the process.
  • Black Belt – It focuses on the application of the Six Sigma strategies across the organization to initiate support to the senior team.

Q.4 Is Six Sigma certification valid in every country?

Ans. Yes, Six Sigma certification is valid across the world.

Q.5 Is any statistic analysis software needed for Six Sigma certification?

Ans. No, there is no such statistic analysis software. But having some is always recommended.

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