The internet is full of millions of website links that people visit every single day. In the past two years alone, there was a study showing that worldwide the average person spent up to 145 minutes a day online. These are people working, studying, connecting with each other, and of course…visiting their favorite brands and businesses. 

Chances are, if you are a growing brand or business you have a website full of amazing content that you are seeking to connect with new and existing customers, let Bitly help you with a link management platform.

What is Link Management?

Link Management is the process of shortening, organizing and customizing the links for your brand or business. Links are a crucial component of a businesses ability to grow, communicate with customers, and provide them with the ability to access those links from any device.

At Bitly we provide a complete link management platform that gives every customer the tools they need to create and manage powerful links whether they are a creator, SMB or an enterprise organization. As the leader in link management we help you work more efficiently and faster to transform your links into powerful tools that help your content connect with your audience and ignite action. 

How to Leverage a Link Management platform

Incorporating link management into your organization gives you the chance to optimize your links and provide an exceptional experience for your customers. 

  1. Branded Links

Let’s say you’re looking to build and increase brand trust and visibility with your links. Bitly can help your small business or enterprise organization with custom domains and link back-halves to reinforce your brand and help communicate who you are and where your link will go. When you auto-brand any link shortened by a third party using Bitly with your custom domain you are able to further increase brand awareness.

  1. Offline Campaigns

If you’re looking to direct customers from traditional marketing materials to a dynamic online experience, our link management system is here to help. You can create short and branded links like QR codes that you can use for printed items like menus, stickers, billboards, storefronts, and more! QR Codes can be placed virtually anywhere and help you to track the actions taken by customers offline for easy contactless engagement.

  1. High Volume Messaging

Whether you’re a digital marketer, content manager, or enterprise organization, managing millions of links at scale can be challenging. One of the few concerns of managing millions of links is security and safety. Bitly’s API lets you integrate branded links as part of automated workflows that’s quick to implement and scale, reliably and safely. 

  1. Internal Communications

Internal communications allows you to boost and measure employee engagement with your company content. When you shorten long links with Bitly for collaborative documents shared between teams, you are reinforcing your brand with internal communication methods you can track. For enterprise organizations you can also use a Branded Link Hub to ensure compliance amongst all your existing content.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most fundamental components of a successful business and Bitly understands that as we highly value each customer experience. Bitly makes it easy to quickly communicate and resolve customer issues whether it’s manual or programmatic that offers support to your customers safely and securely. 

Each of our Bitly plans has different components of our link management features to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a small business or a large scale enterprise needing all the robust management features Bitly offers, we have amazing plans that you will love.

Don’t miss out on learning how Bitly can help transform your links into powerful tools for your entire organization. Get started today with our free plan or contact our sales team for more information on the best plan for you.

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