How to Make a Video Marketing Content Calendar

This last week, one of the projects that I delivered was a mobile optimization audit for a client. While they’d been doing well in desktop searches, they were lagging in mobile rankings versus their competitors. As I reviewed their site and their competitors’ sites, one gap in their strategy was video marketing.

More than half of all video views come from mobile devices.


The strategy is multi-dimensional. Consumers and businesses do a ton of research and browsing via mobile device. Videos are a perfect medium:

  • YouTube continues to be the second largest search engine, with a majority of videos watched via mobile device.
  • YouTube is an outstanding source of links back to your site content if your YouTube channel and each video are optimized well.
  • Your mobile pages, while detailed and informative, can absolutely drive engagement with a helpful video on it.

Of course, developing a content library of video requires a workflow from ideation through optimization. And your video strategy can encompass a lot of types of video to tell your brand’s story effectively. Your calendar shouldn’t just be the topic and publish date, it needs to include the entire workflow, including:

  • Dates that your video should be shot, animated, edited, produced, published, and promoted.
  • Details of the platforms where you’ll be publishing your videos.
  • Details on the type of video, including short-form reels through detailed how-to’s.
  • Where you can embed and promote your videos, including other campaigns that could incorporate it.
  • How you’ll measure the impact of the videos on your overall marketing.

As with any marketing campaign, I’d utilize a good checklist to plan out your concept so you can maximize the impact of your video marketing. While video may require some additional resources in time and money, the payoffs of video are significant. In fact, I’d argue that you’re totally missing a significant portion of your prospective customers by not incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy.

In this infographic, One Productions goes through everything you need to know about how to plan and organize your video content with content calendars. They explain how using a content calendar can help to improve the performance of your video content. There are also some top insights from industry leaders on how process is the key for the success of your content marketing strategy.

how to plan your video content marketing calendar

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