When a new private coaching client starts working with me, they’ll often ask how they can monetize speaking events.

They especially want to know secrets for getting the most out of situations where they’re asked not to sell…like speaking live, sometimes…or on a teleseminar, being interviewed or at certain networking events.

Because my clients want to make the most of the visibility and their positioning as an expert that leading an event offers.

If you’re ever in that situation, you’ll love the following recommendations I give my clients.

Monetize Speaking Without Selling

Here are three ways I advise my clients to monetize speaking events where they can’t sell, in order of engagement level:

1. Connect on LinkedIn

Invite the event attendees to connect with you on LinkedIn. It’s an easy “yes” and starts the relationship, IF you have the right LinkedIn Marketing system and plan in place to monetize speaking events.

BONUS TIP: Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations from organizers and attendees.

2. Offer a Gift

Offer attendees your gift (I send my free Special Report “Top Ten LinkedIn Success Secrets“) and a complimentary subscription to your newsletter.

3. Strategy Session

Invite attendees who give you their card to book a complimentary strategy session with you.

BONUS TIP: To increase engagement, do a raffle for a complimentary coaching session and send everyone who enters your gifts.

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