In a world where content is king, the idea of churning out an endless supply can seem not just overwhelming but also downright unachievable for many business owners.

The trick is to maximise the use of content by slicing and dicing it across multiple channels. 

When we talk to clients about their content marketing, many of them acknowledge their efforts may be somewhat lacking. For some, it can seem like a lot of ‘hard work’ on top of an already busy workload, especially if the company doesn’t have the resources, processes, or equally importantly, the time.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your content. 

Once you have set some content themes and created a calendar, be smart, take each piece of content and then slice and dice it into different formats. These pieces of content can then be used for your website, LinkedIn marketing, eNewsletters and other digital platforms. 


  1. Create a piece of content for your website blog

  2. Re-work the content for an article and publish it on LinkedIn

  3. Take the content and create a PDF document. Make sure it looks great and make it a downloadable resource from your website.

  4. Take some short, sharp, punchy points from your content. Design an Ad and run a paid advertising campaign driving traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page or website

  5. Turn your key content points into an infographic and post it on your blog

  6. Turn the infographic into an animation and post it on your digital media channels

  7. If it is super high-value content, why not create a video or podcast

As you can see, a single piece of content can be sliced and diced in many different ways and can be used on various channels to drive traffic or create brand awareness, or both. 

The most important piece of advice is to have a strategy in place so you can effectively see which pieces of content can be sliced and diced ahead of time.

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