How To Use Email To Increase Nonprofit Donations

This article provides nonprofits with action steps on how to use email marketing as a way to increase donations. Learn the various ways you can optimize your emails so that your nonprofit’s efforts are more effective than ever before.

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Email can be a powerful tool to increase donations for your nonprofit organization. By building a relationship with your supporters and keeping them updated on your work, you can encourage them to give more.

Nonprofits rely on various tools to raise money and spread the word about their cause. One of the most effective ways for a nonprofit to raise money is through email marketing. However, email fundraising can be challenging with so many spam filters and cluttered inboxes.

The good news is that with the right strategy, marketing for nonprofits can be more successful than you think. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use email marketing to increase your nonprofit’s donations.

17 Tips On How To Use Email To Increase Nonprofit Donations

1. Keep Your Emails Personal And Focused On The Donor

Your supporters want to feel like they are making a difference. When you write emails, make sure to focus on their donation’s impact. Thank your email subscribers for their past support, and let them know how their donations make a difference.

2. Send Updates On Your Work

A follow-up email is always appreciated. Your donors want to see that their money is going to good use. Send regular updates on your work, highlighting the successes you’ve had thanks to their generosity.

3. Make It Easy To Donate

Make sure your donation button is prominently featured in your emails and easy to use. Consider sending a link to a specific donation page rather than your general website.

4. Ask For Feedback

Your donors are your best advocates. Ask them what they think about your work and how you can improve. This will help you make your organization more effective, but it will also show your donors that you value their input.

5. Use Email Marketing To Build A Long-Term Network

Email is a powerful networking tool, according to recent studies. Networking through email can help you build relationships with potential donors, partners, and employers.

Campaign Monitor did a study and found that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $38.

6. Communicate With Current Donors And Supporters

Today’s donors are more connected than ever. Today’s donors expect to be kept up-to-date through regular communications. As we saw in the previous tip, email networking is a great way to connect with past donors and supporters. However, you can also use this networking opportunity to build relationships with your current supporters.

These communications can include updates on your organization’s events, updates on your program’s work, or other reminders to keep your donors and supporters updated on your organization.

7. Provide Proven Financial Motivation

One of the keys to successful fundraising is proven financial motivation. People are more likely to donate if they’re given an apparent reason for why they should donate. While nonprofit organizations have their reasons for doing what they do, there are some universal reasons people donate.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For A One-Time Gift

People are more likely to donate when you ask for a one-time gift. Many people are afraid to ask for a one-time gift because they think it makes the donation seem less important. However, asking for a one-time gift amplifies the donation and makes it seem more significant.

Asking for a one-time gift, borrowing traditional marketing tactics, and creating a lead magnet are great options to increase donations. However, one marketing tactic stands out over all the rest. Using an existing email template can help you increase the number of donations.

9. Create An Easy-To-Use Donation Form

To encourage donors to give, you’ll want to make it quick and easy for your supporters to make donations. Creating a form that is easy to fill out and easy to donate can help you collect more money. A donor form with many fields and codes will negatively impact the amount of money you collect.

By keeping your form simple and easy to use, you can encourage more people to donate. Include a description of your organization in the form to help potential donors learn more about your organization. You can also include a link to your website or other information about you, your organization, and your mission.

10. Include A Call To Action

Include a call to action in your form to encourage potential donors to give. A call to action is a simple statement that encourages people to take a specific action. For example, you may include a call to action that says “Donate Now” or “Help Support Our Work.”

11. Establish A Trusted Relationship With Your Donors

One of the best ways to encourage your donors to keep coming back and make more significant donations is to establish a trusted relationship. Build a relationship with your donors by sending regular emails and offering special perks when they give recurring donations. 

Increase donations by linking your list to an email autoresponder. Then, once someone signs up for your email list, they’ll be added to a list of donors. This way, you can grow your donor list and increase your donations!

12. Take Advantage Of Different Types Of Content For Fundraising Emails

There are various ways you can use different types of content in your email fundraising. You can use news articles, blog posts, and other forms of content to add depth and context to your story.

Include a link to a relevant article and help your audience make the connection between your organization and the content. 

You can also use images or diagrams to accompany your story. Images can bring your story to life and help your audience visualize the impact of their donation.

13. Use Automation To Increase Your Email Marketing Success

Email is notorious for being a time-consuming and labor-intensive method of donation. With so much work required, it’s no wonder that many nonprofits struggle with email fundraising. To help make it easier, you can take advantage of automation.

Email marketing tools can help you create and send your email campaigns. This can help you collect more donations and spend less time email marketing. What kind of tools to use will depend on your needs and what is most cost-effective for your organization.

Pick an email marketing tool that works best for your needs and budget. For example, you might want to use a tool that allows you to segment your audience and track your email open rates.

14. Incorporate Video Into Your Email Marketing

Videos are an increasingly popular type of content for email marketing. They help your story come to life, but they can also help you collect more donations. You can add videos to your email fundraising email campaign in two ways.

First, you can create a video specifically for your email fundraising. For example, you can create a video about your organization’s mission and cause and include them as subject lines. This can help to inform your audience and inspire them to donate.

Second, you can integrate a video that already exists on your website. If you already have a video on your website, you can add a link to it in your email. 

15. Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Donor Base

Email marketing is a crucial part of the fundraising strategy for many nonprofits. It helps keep your donors engaged and gives you the chance to remind them about your cause and encourage them to donate.

However, many nonprofits find that email fundraising doesn’t grow the amount of money they would like. In this scenario, it’s important to have a nonprofit email strategy where you reinforce the message that comes with each email with other forms of content. 

The reality of email marketing is that you can amplify your message even further with other forms of content. For example, you can use videos, blog posts, and social media posts in addition to your emails to create a complete content marketing plan.

Content marketing combines the best parts of different forms of content and helps you create a consistent story that is integrated with your brand.

16. Decide What Matters To Your Audience

To create a successful email marketing campaign, you’ll first want to decide what matters most to your audience before you start collecting email addresses.

This can include the type of content most relevant to your donor base. For example, if your donors are animal rights activists, you might want to focus on animal rights issues in your email campaigns.

You can also choose to focus on a certain audience segment, such as people interested in gaming. This can help you tailor your emails to your audience and help you to connect with your donors.

17. Create A Proven Series Of Content

When building your email marketing strategy for a nonprofit, it’s important to think about your overall goals. One goal that you should think about is growth. By creating a proven content series, you can help your organization grow while encouraging your donors to give.

A proven series of content works by taking one piece of content and expanding on it in a second email.

For example, you can take a blog post or a short video and add a few more details about the topic. By doing this, you can create a consistent story that your donors can follow and add more value to your content.

Wrapping Up: How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Nonprofit Donations

As we saw in this blog post, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways for a nonprofit to raise money. However, email fundraising can be challenging.

The good news is that with the right strategy, email fundraising can be more successful than you think. You can use email to increase nonprofit donations and build stronger relationships with your supporters by following these tips.

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