When you’re looking for Instagram growth tools, there are many that you may find, including Hublaagram and Kicksta. But how do these tools compare to one another? Well, before we get into the comparison, let’s talk about Instagram growth in general. By growing your Instagram following, you’re reaching more people you can market your business to, and you’re establishing your brand as an expert in your field on the internet.

You can do this on your own, but Instagram growth can take a lot of your time and effort. By investing in an Instagram growth tool you can save time and see Instagram growth while you’re working on other things. Now, let’s get into that comparison.

Hublaagram vs. Kicksta: Growth Process

We’ll start by looking at the growth processes for each of these tools.

How Hublaagram Works

Hublaagram generates likes and comments for you quickly by signing into other users’ accounts and liking and commenting on your posts. Once you sign up, they’ll use your account, too, to like and comment on their other clients’ posts. Hublaagram also generates followers for you using the same process.

Hublaagram liking on Instagram

How Kicksta Works 

Kicksta uses their advanced AI to automate the process of engagement marketing. With engagement marketing, they’ll like a few posts from your ideal followers, and then it’s up to those accounts to come, check out your page and decide whether or not to follow. Kicksta never leaves comments or follows anyone on your behalf.

Kicksta how it works

Features Of These Tools

Now that we know how each of these Instagram growth tools works, let’s look at some specific features:

Hublaagram Features

Hublaagram is simple and easy to use. You just need to log into your Instagram, make a couple of clicks and you’re ready to go. Hublaagram also guarantees a result, so you’ll get likes, comments, and follows every time you submit. Simple is great, but it also means you don’t have much control over who’s liking your posts or following you.

Hublaagram home page photo

Kicksta Features

With Kicksta, you’ll get access to onboarding courses, email support, a full analytics page, and access to a blacklist and advanced targeting. You’ll provide Kicksta with target accounts whose followers are full of people you’d like to have following you. You can access your dashboard at any time to make changes to that list. With Kicksta, you can also target hashtags and locations so you know you’re getting the best quality followers.

Kicksta target dashboard photo
Kicksta logo

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It’s great to have access to a growth tool, but you’ll want to be able to really look at the numbers and evaluate how well the tool is working, right? You want to find a program that offers strong analytics.

Hublaagram Analytics

Hublaagram doesn’t offer any sort of analytics. You can see your order history on your home screen, and there’s a “User Activity” tab that seems like it would be analytics. However, it’s a page that shows a variety of users’ posts and a specific number of likes in the upper right corner. There’s no explanation as to what those numbers or accounts mean.

screenshot of User Activity tab for Hublaagram

Kicksta Analytics

With Kicksta, you’ll always know how your investment is performing. You can see which of your target accounts are bringing in the most followers and which are falling off. This way you can remove poorly-performing targets and add targets more similar to those performing well. You can track your follower increase generally over time or make it more specific to see day-to-day increases.

Kicksta follower growth for Instagram chart


As with any tool, you’ll want to evaluate pricing, so let’s take a closer look at that.

Hublaagram Pricing

With Hublaagram, you can purchase 1,000 likes for $2.50. You can place as many of these orders as you’d like. Or, you can enroll in their auto-like program for $20 per month and receive new likes every time you post on Instagram. It’s not clear on their sales page how to purchase followers, but they offer these two options for likes:

Hublaagram auto-like pricing options

Kicksta Pricing 

Kicksta offers three different plans you can enroll in to begin growing your Instagram following quickly and easily with real, organic followers. The first is their Standard plan which comes with moderate growth and up to 10 Instagram targets. The Standard plan is $49/month.

Next up is Kicksta’s Premium plan, which is maximum growth and includes up to 40 Instagram targets. Premium subscribers can also access VIP email support, advanced targeting, and the blacklist feature. The Premium plan costs $99/month.

Finally, there’s the Boost Plan + Premium, which is everything that comes with the Premium plan with the addition of The Social Media Agency’s monthly services for a guaranteed additional 850+ or more followers per month. The Social Media Agency will add your account to celebrity giveaways, bringing in additional real followers for you. This Boost plan is $218/month.

Kicksta pricing options
Kicksta logo

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Hublaagram: Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve compared the two, let’s take a look at a couple of FAQs.

Is it safe to use Hublaagram?

Their website doesn’t look safe, and there are mistakes and typos throughout it. Generally, it doesn’t appear to be a very safe tool.

How can I get instant followers on Instagram? 

– Promote your Instagram account everywhere
– Create content your target audience wants to see
– Encourage your followers to share your posts
– Host contests for your followers
– Use strong hashtags
– Post frequently and consistently

So, What’s The Verdict?

While Hublaagram is the cheaper of the two options, you get what you pay for. You’ll get likes on your posts, but you may or may not get followers. If you do get followers, remember that while they are hopefully real accounts, they’re just following you because Hublaagram followed you on their behalf. They haven’t made the decision to actually follow you.

Kicksta, on the other hand, only helps you recruit real, organic followers who are interested in your content and made the decision on their own to follow you on Instagram. You can contact real customer support representatives, and you’ll have access to a dashboard to see how your account is performing. Overall, you’ll get a much better (and safer) experience with Kicksta.

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