Human: Explore what #beinghuman means to you by Vanessa Ferlaino - book promotion sites

Human is a small book with a big mission: challenging what it means to be human.

If you’re seeking to reconnect with yourself, Human will remind you that behind the blindness lies your truth.

Written by award-winning corporate innovator, trained actress, and self-taught pianist and vocalist, Vanessa Ferlaino’s debut book, Human, takes you on a much-needed, humbling journey.

In rhythmic-like prose, Vanessa lets you in on her experiences with loss, trauma, and abusive relationships, with reflections and observations of the human condition.

It shines with abruptness, gentleness, and vulnerability.

As she deconstructs what she knows of the world, she’s reminded of how important it is to open your heart to both yourself and to others, and ultimately, what it means to be human.

With this book in hand you will feel inspired to explore who you are – let it rekindle your compassion!