Hey everyone, I wasn’t sure where to start or actions needed to be taken so Reddit was my best/first choice!

A little backstory I’ve been working on branding my own online clothing business and put tons of hours into designing the brand and trying to convey a message or a statement that suits the go getters and the fearless in our world. I want to build a community through apparel that people can feel confident in and to feel as if they’re on top of the world!

It’s going to take some work… Just like when people wear Nike, it’s gives a feeling of athleticism and sportiness, weirdly you FEEL healthier or at least like your on the right track to a healthier body. Then with Gucci or Louis Vuitton, bring the feelings of wealth, classy, status statement and etc.

I’m building something just as meaningful and worthy but I need help!

I need people who’s willing to see and contribute to the vision and is willing to take the time out of there day to really build something that could help a lot of people dealing with confident issue and anxiety.

I’d share more about the idea but only to a select few and if you’ve gotten this far then I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the subject.

I’m looking for:




-Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

-Web Artist

-Interest and Knowledge of Fashion Industry


Please if you know somebody or willing to be apart of a team, I’d be more than happy to discuss more of the values and culture I’m looking for.

This could be big and actually really fun! Who knows, we might start something online and grow into something bigger! like an office that everyone can meet or more! (I get excited haha)

Looking forward to your responses, highly appreciated. Thank you

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