Influencer Marketing for Brands

Influencer Marketing for Brands” by Aron Levin and Shea is a detailed and well-thought-out guide to using social media as a business tool. At its core, this book is about taking your personal passions, interests, and experiences and turning them into profit producers for your business. The authors show you how to use two of the most powerful platforms, YouTube and Instagram, to market and promote your products. Through an original, detailed case study and an easy-to-understand format, the book not only explains how social media can make you money but why.

The book’s key takeaway is that there are many ways you can market your product and services as an Influencer Marketing for Brands. These platforms offer unique opportunities not present elsewhere, such as building a network of followers that can be tapped into in multiple ways, building strong relationships with industry influencers that have the power to influence consumer behavior and buzz, and creating and building your own personal brand from the ground up. All of these are things that the internet cannot do alone.

While Influencer Marketing for Brands: What YouTube and Aron Levin Can Teach You is definitely worth the read, I don’t feel that it would be effective for most businesses or individuals. For example, the book would be ineffective for an MLM business that requires people to recruit new members and those who don’t already have massive fan bases on social media sites like YouTube or Instagram. For brands that have already built massive social media followings, it could actually hinder growth instead of help. If you’re interested in learning more about creating a social media marketing strategy that works, check out this book.

And finally, companies realize that Influencer Marketing for Brands can help them make their brands even bigger. A company can let a celebrity endorse their product and then have their followers “tweet” or “like” their comments. This creates the opportunity for large brands to build a strong relationship with fans and followers. Once these relationships are developed, they can promote new products or services directly to the influencers, who will, in turn, drive more exposure to their businesses. Companies are discovering that influencers know how to use social media to promote their businesses but often are great at getting their followers to talk up a brand in a way that traditional channels won’t allow.

Next, companies that don’t necessarily specialize in media recognize that they need to get in on the conversation by creating influencers of their own. These companies turn to Twitter and YouTube to attract these niche groups by creating channels tailored to their desired target audiences. Companies like Sherpa are making this strategy work by creating a hybrid mobile/social media agency to work alongside influencers on social and traditional channels.

Influencer Marketing for Brands is learning that it’s not just about letting influencers talk up their businesses but also that they can use influencers to help sell their products and services in interesting ways. Influencer Marketing for Brands doesn’t just act as advocates for a brand. Instead, they use their influence to spread the word about a business, engage followers in conversation, and create channels that will help grow their business. By providing useful information, engaging customers, and connecting people to businesses in new ways, Influencer Marketing for Brands can help businesses increase their customer base, build trust with customers, and promote their brands to new audiences.

If you want to get your brand seen by hundreds of thousands of followers across dozens of platforms, start seeking new talent to represent your company. The best way to do this is to work with influential influencers. These are the people that can build your company’s social media presence and get your brand talked about in exciting, engaging ways on the most popular social media channels. Learn more about leveraging influencers for your business here.