Are you trying to decide between Instafollowers and Kicksta to give your Instagram account a boost? Having as many Instagram followers as possible is important. The more followers you have, the more people who will engage with your content–and, ideally, convert into customers of your brand.

But as you look for the best Instagram growth service to use, it’s important to remember that not all growth services are created equal. Some focus on organic growth, helping you grow your account with real followers who care about what you have to post. Others sell you fake followers who will be gone in a month.

Your Instagram account is too important to stuff with fake followers. Don’t waste your money–do your research so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Here’s how Instafollowers and Kicksta compare:

Instafollowers vs. Kicksta: How It Works

Instafollowers: How It Works

Instafollowers doesn’t necessarily have a “growth process” because this website does not focus on organic growth. Instead, Instafollowers simply sells you Instagram followers. Choose how many followers you want, pay for the package of followers, and the followers will be delivered to your account. You’ll begin to receive your followers 30 minutes after payment. 

Instafollowers homepage

Kicksta: How It Works

Kicksta uses a growth process known as the liking method to expose your account to as many new eyes as possible. The first step is to set your targets: Give Kicksta a list of accounts that are similar to yours and that have followers you would like to attract. Then Kicksta will use your account to interact with other accounts in your ideal demographic. Those people will come back and check out your profile, and over time, your account will grow with more real followers.

Kicksta’s proprietary AI technology has been carefully developed in-house over the course of several years. This technology ensures you’re targeting the kind of followers you want for your account.

What’s more, all of Kicksta’s servers are U.S.-based. The company is out of San Diego, California. So you know exactly who has your data and what they’re doing with it–helping you feel safe.

Kicksta liking method
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Instafollowers vs. Kicksta: Features

Instafollowers Features

Instafollowers offers a free trial where you can receive 10 followers at no cost to see how the service works. Test it out by typing in your username. After verifying that you aren’t a robot, you’ll see a notice saying that your free order has been successfully received. Note that your account must be public to participate in the free trial.

Outside of its free trial, Instafollowers offers both premium followers and high-quality followers. Premium followers are real-looking followers that have detailed profiles and some followers. The website claims these followers aren’t distinguishable from real organic followers. ‘High-quality followers’ are real-looking artificial followers and are sold for cheaper than ‘Premium followers’.

This website also sells Instagram likes, views, comments, saves, and impressions. Additional features offered by Instafollowers include 24/7 live customer support and a secure payment system.

Instafollowers purchasing options

Kicksta Features

Kicksta offers a wide variety of features to help your account grow. When you work with Kicksta, you can benefit from:

  • Onboarding courses
  • Instagram targets
  • VIP email support
  • Advanced targeting & Blacklist

Customers who choose to go with the Boost add-on will also receive:

  • No Instagram login needed
  • Diversified audience from global influencers
  • Onboarding video
  • Premium 5 days/week text support
  • Bonus 850+ followers/month guaranteed

All of these features are designed to do one thing–help your Instagram account get more real followers. And according to customer reviews, these features work to accomplish that goal.

Instafollowers vs. Kicksta: Pricing

Instafollowers Pricing

For Premium followers, Instafollowers pricing starts at $1.66 for 10 followers and goes up to $16,600 for 100,000 followers.

High-quality followers start at $0.80 for 10 followers and range up to $80,000 for 100,000. 

The website often runs sales on its followers. Views, likes, and comments are also sold in packages.

buying instagram followers

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta has multiple pricing packages: the Standard plan, the Premium plan, and the Boost Plan Premium. The Standard plan costs $49/month. This plan includes the following features to help boost your growth:

  • Moderate growth
  • Onboarding courses
  • 10 Instagram targets

The Premium plan costs $99/month. If you choose to go with this plan, you can enjoy:

  • Maximum growth
  • Onboarding courses
  • 40 Instagram targets
  • VIP email support
  • Blacklist
  • Kicksta’s advanced targeting

The Boost Plan premium is an extra package that costs $218/month. This plan includes the same features and perks as the Premium plan, in addition to giving you 850+ guaranteed followers each month. 

Kicksta pricing plans
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Instafollowers vs. Kicksta: Analytics

Instafollowers Analytics

Instafollowers doesn’t appear to offer any analytics tools for its users. A blog post written by the website directs customers to use Instagram Insights or additional third-party analytics tools.

Kicksta Analytics

Kicksta provides comprehensive analytics to help you track how your Instagram growth is going. All of the statistics and numbers you need to know can be found in your dashboard. It’s easy to check how many followers you’ve gained in a given time period, monitor the performance of your target accounts, or change the accounts you’re targeting whenever you like. You’re free to access this information anytime you want. Nothing is hidden–Kicksta is a completely open book.

Kicksta analytics

Instafollowers vs. Kicksta: Reviews

Instafollowers Product Reviews

Looking at customer reviews online is the best way to determine whether a business is legitimate and helpful. Instafollower reviews indicate that most customers are dissatisfied with their experience. Customers report receiving followers that were not real and that disappeared within a month. Other customers call Instafollowers a flat-out scam, saying the company refused to give them a refund. Instafollowers has very few positive reviews.

Kicksta Product Reviews

A quick survey of the Internet reveals that Kicksta is a well-loved company. Kicksta has 408 reviews on TrustPilot, with 40% of those reviews being 5-star reviews. Many customers mention how Kicksta has helped their Instagram account steadily grow over time, giving them real followers who don’t drop off. Other people mentioned the advanced growth method and how easy Kicksta is to work with. It’s clear that Kicksta’s a legitimate way to grow your IG account.

Instafollowers: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instafollowers Legit?

Online reviews indicate that Instafollowers often follows scammy business practices. Although the company seems to offer good services, it’s easy to be suspicious when there are no customer reviews to back it up.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Legal?

Buying Instagram followers is technically not illegal. However, it does violate the platform’s terms of use. What’s more, you take a huge risk with your account when you purchase followers. That’s why it’s always better to opt for a service like Kicksta, where you don’t buy followers. Organic growth is the safest and best way to grow your account

Instafollowers & Kicksta

Getting more Instagram followers is important for your business. But getting the right kind of followers is key. Now that you know how Instafollowers and Kicksta stack up, you’re equipped with the information you need to decide which Instagram growth service is the best choice for you.

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