Instagram said that it wants to do everything that it can in order to keep people safe when they are using the platform. It has worked with experts so it could better understand the complex matters about suicide, mental health, as well as self-harm. Instagram’s aim in doing this is to know how the platform could best support the people who are vulnerable. 

Instagram Takes a Significant Step to Better Protect is Community in Europe

In addition, Instagram noted that no one from its team takes the aforementioned issues lightly. The platform has made significant progress over the years that passed. However, it is aware that those efforts were not enough. This is the reason why Instagram decided to roll out more technology in Europe in order to better implement its efforts. Yet, Instagram is aware that its work is never done and that it needs to continuously look for ways to do more. 

Moreover, Instagram expressed its awareness that the issues it wants to understand are deeply personal for those who have experienced it. The issues are also complicated and always evolving. For this reason, the platform continues to update its products and policies so that it can support its entire community in the best possible ways. 

The Social Media Platform Updates Its Policies

Instagram never allowed anyone to promote self-harm or suicide on the platform. In fact, it even updated its policies last year, stating that it will remove graphic content about self-harm and suicide. This policy also covers and prohibits fictional depictions such as memes, drawings, as well as other imagery, that show methods or materials associated with self-harm or suicide. 

However, it is not enough to address such complex issues just through products and policies alone. Instagram also believes that it is important to provide people who are struggling with support and help. This is why the platform offers support to individuals who search for hashtags or accounts that are related to self-harm and suicide. What the social media platform does is direct them to local organizations that can help them with what they struggle with. 

Instagram Followers Crowdsource Help: Good Samaritans

In addition, Instagram collaborated with the suicide prevention society Samaritans. This organization’s industry guidelines are designed to aid platforms like Instagram in striking the significant balance between discussing harmful content and providing sources of support to those who are in need. 

Instagram also uses technology in order to help it proactively find and remove harmful self-harm and suicide content. It then sends that content to human reviewers in order to make the final decision and perform the right action. The said actions include the removal of the harmful content and connecting them to local organizations that can help. In the most severe cases, the human reviewers of Instagram call emergency services. 

This year, before April and June, more than 90 percent of the self-harm and suicide content that Instagram took action on was found by the platform’s own technology even before someone reported it to them. However, Instagram knows that it is not enough. For this reason, its goal is to increase that 90 percent as of close as it possibly can to 100 percent. 

Instagram Rolled Out Technology in the EU to Detech Harmful Suicide and Self-Harm Content

Until now, Instagram has only been able to use the aforementioned technology in finding self-harm and suicide content outside the European Union. This made it more difficult for the platform to proactively look for content and send help to people. 

Instagram Takes a Significant Step to Better Protect is Community in Europe

But the platform was able to find a way to roll out the technology in the EU. In addition, it will work across both Instagram and Facebook– the company that owns it. This will allow Instagram to find posts that likely break its policies around self-harm and suicide. Instagram will make such content less visible by automatically removing them from places like Explore. When the platform’s technology is entirely confident that a post that it found breaks its policy, the post in question will automatically be removed from the platform. 

The aforementioned step is important in protecting more people in the EU. However, Instagram still aims to do a lot more. For this reason, its next step will be using its technology not only in finding the harmful content and making it less visible. Rather, it will send those posts to human reviewers and get people to help, similar to what Instagram does everywhere else around the globe. This function is not available in the EU yet. For this reason, it is harder for Instagram to connect people to emergency services and local organizations. 

A Timeline of Instagram’s Efforts in Addressing Self-Harm and Suicide

For instance, between August and October in the US, over 80 percent of the accounts that Instagram escalated to emergency services, and local organizations were detected by its proactive technology. Currently, Instagram is discussing with governments and regulators how they can bring this technology to the EU while still recognizing their privacy considerations. Instagram believes that it can do more as these issues are too important to not be given the right actions.

December 2016

Instagram launched anonymous reporting for self-harm posts. It also began connecting individuals to organizations that can provide them with the help they need. 

March 2017

It integrated suicide prevention tools into Facebook Live. This step made it easier for family and friends to report and reach out to people in people in real-time.

November 2017

The social media platform rolled out technology outside the United States, excluding Europe, to aid in identifying when someone might be expressing suicidal thoughts. This technology also applies to Facebook Live. In addition, the platform also began using AI to prioritize reports. 

September 2018

Instagram created a Parent’s guide for parents who have teens who use Instagram.

February 2019

Instagram started hosting regular consultations with safety and suicide prevention experts around the globe. It also expanded its policies to ban all graphic self-harm and suicide content. 

October 2019

Expanded the February 2019 policy to cover and ban suicide content including memes, illustrations, and content that contains methods or materials. 

Instagram Takes a Significant Step to Better Protect is Community in Europe

September 2020

Instagram collaborated with Samaritans to discuss how to safely manage suicide and self-harm content.

October 2020

The platform added a message at the top of all search results when people search for accounts or hashtags related to self-harm and suicide.

November 2020

Rolled out the technology in the EU to do better in finding self-harm and suicide content. 

What has Instagram Done to Protect Instagram Followers in 2021 and 2022?

There is a new world that has evolved before our very eyes over the past two years, and many of us have had to force serious changes to help address this change. Instagram and its many Instagram followers are no different and have had to deal with a series of new and emerging problems with the rest of us, although theirs are unique to the social platform. New technologies have been deployed to help artificial intelligence understand the red flags that can help save lives, notifying law enforcement of local communities to rush to the help of followers when needed.

What else can Instagram do to protect followers going forward? Continue research in artificial intelligence? Push forward a bi-synchronous, mutually beneficial communication chain with local emergency departments? These areas and many more are likely what the future looks like, and even other companies like Apple are making even bigger strides. The new Apple Watch is able to measure when the person wearing it falls down and is able to instantly share the GPS location with the police. Imagine how could Instagram deploy a similar tactic to help save lives. What would that look like?

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