My boss bought some CRM software called “ContactReach” its part of a whole platform that offers other products as well, link in comments. It markets itself as you do the CRM for small local businesses. I can’t find any reviews about it online. Its honestly pretty shitty to use. The CEO is Jason Bell. He seems to be a internet marketing guru “make 50k from home”. You need Twilio and Sendgrid subscriptions to use it, shouldn’t a CRM software be useable on its own? I hooked up Twilio for SMS keyword but it keeps sending errors saying I spelt the keyword wrong. It gives “free” templates but they look god awful. I tried explaining to my boss that it might be a scam but they told me to not make judgments so early. Can anyone else check it out and tell me what you think? I can’t integrate it into shopify or anywhere its practically useless right now. I think the payments is $100+ /month.

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